RED ALERT!!! My Worst Shopping Experience with BH Cosmetics


RED ALERT!!!My Worst Shopping Experience with BH Cosmetics

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

I think by now the Whole of WiseShe and my other blogger friends know that I’ve bought the 120 color palette eyeshadow in 2nd edition from BH Cosmetics. As soon as I went on to their website it was really very tough and I mean it very tough to move out of the website without placing a single order after looking at all the breath taking eyeshadow palettes and other beauty products they have with amazing discounts which they keep coming with like every week.

bh cosmetics

Straight 40 %-50% off on the bestsellers….Can u believe that?? :-O With this the price and product was such a temptation to avoid them. So I made a purchase of 120 eyeshadow palette in 2nd edition and 66 lip palette and I placed the order on 3rd of March and it reached me on 11th of May… YES exactly after 2months 8days :-X  I was so scared and worried that the order might never reach me, I was constantly in touch with BH Guys, I have sent them mails every week asking about where is my product and all they had was a USPS tracking no. and they kept reassuring me all this while that the product will reach me no matter what! Its common with the Indian customs to delay the delievery time.

I kept faith and I believed that now they are so sure, I better wait. In the meanwhile I asked Dr. Neeraj who was a regular BH Cosmetics customer who has bought innumerable palettes from them, even he said he receives his parcel in 45days. Aaahhhh! That was a relief! But guess what?? It doesn’t end here I had to pay a price of Rs. 1104 /- as custom duty fee, I was in a state of shock because I had no clue about it. As most of my friends who had  bought products from COASTAL SCENTS never had to pay any duty fee. I re confirmed with Dr. Neeraj and he said he has been paying customs fee all the time with every BH Palette he has bought. I asked a refund from the company for the custom fees I paid, they denied. They refunded the shipping charges back to my account as they were unable to fulfill their commitment of delivering the product in 20 working days. With a broken heart, I went to the local post office, Yea..No one came to my doorstep, I had to go the local post office , pay the amount of Rs. 1104/-  towards duty fee and got my BH Cosmetics box home.

I was trapped in a mixed feeling because I was happy that I got the order but unhappy because I have to pay the extra duty fee. Having said that, as soon as I reached home to check if my products are all fine and damage free. OH MY GOD! I got the big shock of my life, the 66 lip palette was MISSING and I end up paying Rs.1104 just for the 120 eyeshadow palette. L  I was cursing the Indian customs like crazy, Me and Vish were literally bitching Indian customs, I was soo irritated, I was not able to pay attention at my workplace. Then I opened my gmail a/c and was going through all the BH Cosmetics emails sent. After a lot of research work, I figured out that the culprit was not the customs who misplaced my 66 lippalette but BH Cosmetics itself.

The quantity of the product mentioned was = 1, where else I ordered for 2 products, that means though they showed both the palettes in the order receipt, the product quantity mentioned was only 1  which has to be 2, 1 is 120 e/s palette and 2nd is 66 lip palette. To confirm this I called my sister, And I Asked her to confirm the receipt amount and product written on the BH Cosmetics receipt.

 USPS product shipment receipt

bh cosmetics+worst international shopping site


Now as u can see in the above picture, BHCosmetics have sent only 1 product also price of the product they have mentioned is just $10. I am fine with whatever amount they wan to quote at the receipt. I am just pissed off by the fact that they actually have forgotten/by mistake/ purposely have not dispatched the 66 lip palette order. Being a well known company having such great fan following, how can they do such stuff?? I again wrote them a mail, that my 66 lip palette is Missing and according to the product receipt, the 66 lip palette was never dispatched so I immediately want a refund for the amount I paid to the product not received. They reverted at my mail after apologizing they agreed to refund the amount back to me in 3-5 working days. I was in Peace after than, till that time I never enjoyed a single moment of my 120 palette, though it’s a gorgeous one which I owe and priced possession in make up. Of coz I can say so, Now that I ve paid so much for this palette. The worry took a toll over me and never let me enjoy what I got, after getting the refund news I was like…Finallyyy!*Phewwwwwwwww*  😀

Both the Indian customs and BH Cosmetics have made my international shopping experience very Bitter. This was my 1st International order and I am so scared now that I don’t think so I am going to make any more international purchases.

My request would be please try and avoid purchasing from BH Cosmetics, because they might look good and no doubt they have great service offering towards other countries but not INDIA. Because of our So AWESOME :-/ Indian customs we end up paying double the amount for a product which is not worth more than 10$. 🙁

My motive is not to scare you guys and stop you from international shopping but just to alert you guys to avoid the recurrence of mess that happened with me. Be wise and careful whilst you make an international order! You  can always go for international websites like coastal scents which has great customer response from India or simply buy stuff from EBAY they are awesome, I ve got so many stuff from them. I2Cworld is my favourite seller! 🙂

Happy Shopping! 😀

Keep it wise!

God bless! 🙂

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  1. oh i never knew of this site.. what an ordeal..i once bought from amazon but there was no special duty i think it was included. And i even got a refund of customs duty cause it has been reduced and i didnt even ask for it..All the while i was thinking customs duty is included in shipping fee…ooh this is very scary situation. Thank God u got refund..

    • IFE ..Btw where do u stay?? how safe is it to shop from amazon?? n is there any amt do u have to pay as duty fee wen u buy from amazon?? ?:-)

      • I have heard that amazon is good and know few friends shopping from them but don really know about the duty fee..and this is the first time am hearing about paying a duty fee..anyhoo feel bad for such a worse shopping experience of yours ric.. 🙁 🙁

      • I live in Kerala. I got the package at home..I had no idea about paying extra customs duty at the time i ordered. I had to pay for shipping and all so I thought it was included with that. I was under the impression that everything is included and the company pays the duty!!! Go through when you want to buy from Amazon cause those are the stuff that they ship to India..

  2. Ohhh !!
    its really sad to know this :-((
    Even we indians pay the whole amount and not half..
    Its like khaya piya kuch nahi, aur glass phoda bara ana ! 😛

  3. Every now and then they have that 50% off offer, I was thinking to request someone to get one of their palettes for me and I would pay her in her account, but now no ways, I am not ordering anything! :no: :weep: :pissedoff: I can understand how you are feeling!

  4. thts bad i hate custom department to the core..i am having a few gifts from giveaways i won recently that are dispatched 4m usps .i wanted to ask you that because they are gifts will i have to pay custom duties and did they contacted you about your package or did you call the local post office for that.?

      • Hi I read reviews of BH on Wise she. I read this review after orderinh their 36 pcs brush 4 sets…now am nervous if i will recieve it…..i paid total 199.87 uusd including shipping…do u hv ny clue how much customs will charge

  5. RIc… very upsetting na?

    i hv placed some orders on cherry culture on some NYX products.. now crossing my fingers.. hoping to get my products n intact too…. 🙁

    • heheheh..true dat..Sukanya!!

      but will still sumhow get tempted to buy naa.. How i wish our indian shopping sites to stock all this stuff. den v need not go on intl sitess! 😀 :yes:

  6. Hi Erica,

    So sorry that your 1st International experience went off so badly. It is enough to discourage you completely. However being someone who orders frequently online and from all sorts of known and unknown sites from all parts of the world I can assure you that it does not happen often. I have never lost a package so far and have never had to pay any custom duty. I just got a scare once with Cherry Culture coz I got the package after 2 months of placing my order.

    Dont be discouraged. Coastal Scents is fabulous and so are a lot of other sites as well. If you are in doubt about any site feel free to ask me and I will help you out if I have purchased from that site or have heard about it. Best of luck for next time. Happy Shopping!

    • thats so sweet of u..Shikha.. Well..definitely.. If I have any doubts I will come to U.. now i wana shop with CS .. but i hope they wont charge me duty fee.. :struggle:

  7. Ric thats a terrible experience. I had an even worst experience with Cherry Culture, i had ordered tuff and last year May which never reached me till date ! To top it all the customer service sad they’l not refund it cause it got lost in the mail and its not their fault, its the postal dptmt’s fault ! I am OFF cherry Culture for the rest of my life for sure !

  8. I ordered thrice from cs. In flat 2 weeks I receive them. No broken palettes or anything like that. I get them delivered in dubai.

  9. :tremble: :tremble: :tremble: :reallypissed: :reallypissed: :reallypissed: aww baby u had to go thru all dis :hug-makeup: atleast u got ur e/s pallete intact. :hugleft: .me never evr gonna shop frm dem :zombiekiller:

  10. this is sooooo evil erica… :pissedoff: :reallypissed: BH is so worse :devil: i was always tempted with their palettes…but now neverrrrr :-/ :no:
    this is the reason y i want to buy all the stuff i want before returning to india…the delivary is so perfect in this country…

    • Yea the delievery is perfect in other countries yaa.. its only our screwed up Indian customs that make our international shopp experience bitter!

      Lucky U.. buy everything u want before packing up for INDIA! 😀 :yes:

      • ya erica…the delivary here is always on time…even buyin coins parcels reach me on 21-24 days…coastal scents cam eon 20 day,cherryculture toh on 14 day itself….clarisonic from ebay door delivary on 13 day….i m hoarding everything and tyyyyyyy

        • Great Pavani!! get all ur Imp stuff u wont get here.. n den come back to India..Great idea/..happy shopping n ur always welcome! :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

    • FORGOT…Dekho naa..FORGOT..i mean “BANIYAA …hai kya yeh log?? that they forgot to put one stuff in the bag”?…2 hi toh product tha.. 200 thodi naa thaa..that they forgot ..paisa lene kaise nai bhulee! :reallypissed: :-$

      • wohi to…paise ke len den ke time they r most vigilant but when it comes to giving the customer their stuff they ‘FORGET’??? ridiculous!

  11. heloooooo Ericaa :hug-makeup:
    glad u put up dis post
    n as many suggested go for CS dear
    I think even CS had li palettes :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:
    ofcourse as v both r broke lets do nxt mnth 🙂

    • Yea do they have.. but sumhow to buy it alone ki himmat nai ho rahi hai!

      i wana make sure there is no duty fee involved in CS n even if its der will they refund me the money??? ?:-) :-/

  12. Aww…this is simply awful Ric! So sorry to hear bout ur experience. Never knew bout custom charges b4. Thanks sooo much for sharing n alerting evry1 :hug-makeup:

    • u welcome..Nafi!!

      just be careful the next time u buy from an intl website..make sure there is no hidden fee involved! :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

        • Yes…ANA! 100% Fact.. Mumbai customs are toooootooo bad!! :pissedoff: :devil:

          my Aunty sent few watches 2 yrs back on Xmas.. out of which only 3 of dem reached us.. rest of dem went missing n they were damn good watches.. my aunty was shocked n hurt to knw dat.. she never send things via mail again since then! 🙁 :no: :reallypissed: :sick:

            • this is not it.. i paid 200rs behind each watch i bought from the post office.!
              i.e 600rs for 3 watches! :reallypissed:
              I so want to write a mail to the custom commissioner..

              but i want everyone to write a petition to my email that I am going to send him! :yes:

  13. It was a tough time Erica and trust me I paid customs all the time except the last order.Their shipping is luckily secure and u know u get ur parcel but the only problem is when? I really hate the way Indian Customs and Excise works and these are some of the negative things that makes India defaulters when it comes to values and humanity. Our parents teach us moral values but the people who run the government dont have anyone to do so for them, maybe.
    I am sure BH cosmetics will read about this and help in such tight situations next time. The custom charges of 1104 was ridiculous and I feel so bad that ur first experience was like this.No worries, lets not lose hope.

    • I know About ur last recent order ..doc… surprisingly it reach within 2 weeks without any duty fee naa..

      BRAVO! This is by fluke or BH Cosmetics has reallly improved.. No idea!

      Hopefully i ll try some other safe sites, cant let one thing ruin me..Life goes on! :-))

      N i hate indian customs n rules to the core, I hope they read my Article.. to know wat a pain the A** they are! :reallypissed: :no:

  14. phew… so much trouble! Its not really worth it for just cosmetics. Though tempted i never order international….after reading all this its just awful and so much worry. Have you paid via Paypal or credit card ?

  15. Sorry Erica, it did not work for you…unfortunately, all my orders reached no less than a week for me and i have atleast made more than 4 purchases different times. Blame it on the customs..not BH team given that their product quality is gud and service (atleast it worked for me).

    • where do u stay Dhanu?? n I guess u have not read the whole post.. BH Cosmetics took the money for 2 palettes n never dispatched one palette amongst the two..check out the USPS shipment receipt.
      Bh cosmetics are equally the culprit in my situation!

  16. I ordered from BH last month, I got my order in 20 days and I think they quote a lesser amount on the receipt so you don’t pay customs. I didn’t have to pay any. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience 🙁 , mine was rather uneventful. That’s always a good thing. 🙂

  17. iv experienced this with coastal scents! i had to pay 1000INR and pick my package from the post office:(! id ordered about 3-4 palettes and brushes! i know it feels awful 🙁

  18. Hello there,

    I just had the same problem with BH cosmetics, I am living in the UK and have to pay extra custom duty fee to walk and collect my package! The I found out that one of my palette is damaged during to shipping!! If they don’t return my custom duty fee plus charging me again to switch a brand new palette! I really never ever shop there again! which is ashamed because they have such amazing products! 🙁

    But anyway, thank you for sharing your story! and just to let you know, you ain’t alone! 🙂


  19. how much was the product cost? they charge according to that i guess ! check out ishopinternational. com
    you have to register with them and on their websites they have ties with many beauty websites in US like elf, nyx, sephora….you have to give them an url of your product and ask for quote of price… they will buy the product and send it to you marking it as gift…so that no customs need to be paid! they send through DHL which is great..reaches in a week. they charge according to the weight of your product which is quiet cheap..for my urban decay eyeshadow they charge 400rs and the palette was 3400rs so i got a good deal…cuz in amazon this was 6000rs…check out the website..its good.


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