Red Earth Cosmetic Metallic Eye Shadow BE017 Review & Swatches


I know a lot of you must be going, “Red Earth?? Never heard of it! Which brand is this?” For those of you who don’t know, Red Earth is an Australian brand of color cosmetics that focuses on eco-friendly products.  At one point they were bought by Espirit but now they are planning buy back their rights. Over the years, the brand has almost become extinct. The few products that are available now are being sold off at dirt cheap prices across the globe. Why you ask? The brand is staging a comeback and they probably want to get rid of all the old stock to make way for new products.

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Red Earth Metallic Eye Shadow BE017 review


So, why in the world am I reviewing something that you can’t even get on your hands on?? Becaaaause…. it’s my favoritesssst eye shadow in the whole world!:heart: I’m not much of an eye shadow person and own only a few, most of which were gifted to me by someone else. But this shade has won my heart and there was a point of time when I used to wear this every single day (sometimes even at home 😛 ). Inspite of all that usage, I’ve only managed to create a minor dent in the pan. Why oh why do these products like last forever and ever? Makes it so much harder to throw them away once their time is up :confused:

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Red Earth Metallic Eye Shadow BE017 review+ red earth eyeshadow

  • Quantity:  1.5 gms
  • Price: Again, no idea since mine was a gift. But I do know this brand has a very affordable range of cosmetics. Hope they retain that when they re-launch :fingersxd:
  • Packaging: Simple, dull-silver packaging with a see-through lid that makes identifying shades a breeze. It has a screw-top lid and the pan inside is the exact size of a Rs.2 coin :nerd:. I actually placed a coin in the pan and it fit purrrfectly:-D So yeah, this is a tiny tub and very travel-friendly. It does not come with a mirror or applicator.

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Red Earth Metallic Eye Shadow BE017 review+ red earth


  • Pigmentation: The pigmentation is decent but not all that great. Nevertheless, it can easily be built up. The color is not at all chalky and layering it on only makes the shade look better. The fall-out is minimal as well.
  • Staying power: I can’t quite judge the staying power since it looks (and feels) like second skin. But I don’t think these are very long lasting. I’m not sure if that’s the case with this particular shade since it is very light in tone.
  • Sensitivity: Most eye shadows make my eyes water but I haven’t faced such an issue with this one. I’ve used it for ages and in abundance yet it has never irritated my eyes.

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Red Earth Metallic Eye Shadow BE017 review+ champagne eyeshadow

Shade Description:Red Earth Metallic Eye Shadow BE017

Aah! This is the only reason I’m even writing (typing??) this review. It is a golden-beige shade that has faint yellow undertones. This will suit those with warm complexion beautifully. The shade is so versatile that even cool-toned beauties can carry it off. It says “metallic” on the box and I actually am not too fond of metallic shades. But the shimmer in this is sooo finely milled that it gives just a subtle sheen when worn. The best part is that this shade matches my skin tone to the T and no-one can ever guess I have eye shadow on. What’s the point then, you ask? Well…these are the ways in I use this shade:

  • I pack the color onto my entire lid and it instantly brightens up my eyes. On days when I feel my eyelids look dull and darker than the rest of my face, I just sweep this on and it makes me look fresh and awake.
  • It can be used as eye shadow base since it’s a very neutral shade and blends well with my natural skin tone. It can also be blended with a deeper shadowto soften or tone down the color.
  • I use this as a highlighter since it has a lovely sheen that is in no way OTT. I apply in on the bridge of my nose, brow bone and cupid’s bow. I don’t use it on my cheek only because I have highly acne-prone skin.
  • If you own a similar shade, you can also mix some of it with your moisturizer for an overall glow.

Red Earth Metallic Eye Shadow BE017 Swatches:-

Red Earth Metallic Eye Shadow BE017 review+ red earth eyeshadow swatch


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I’ve decided not put up an EOTD because the camera simply refuses to capture the shade. I had enough trouble with the finger swatch…it only showed up under artificial light and not under sunlight :-/.Plus, I’ve used this all over my lid in many EOTD’s that I’ve previously done. Bet you can’t guess which one 😉 To be honest, even I have trouble guessing in which one I have it on and in which one I don’t 😀

Final thoughts on Red Earth Metallic Eye Shadow:

I’ve had this eye shadow in my stash for more than a decade! Yup, that’s right….more than 10 long years and simply can’t seem to let go of it 😀 I know, I know, it expired ages ago! :-/ I’m someone who’s usually very particular about using fresh products but I seem to have a soft corner for this :blush: Well, I guess it’s about time I bid adieu to this and the purpose of this review is to help me find a dupe so that I can find a worthy replacement before I say goodbye.Any reccomendations?:lashes:


Have you tried the Red Earth Metallic Eye Shadow?

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  1. I really liked reading Ur article..U have put in so much of humor 😀
    I do not have a single eye shadow because I am not good at applying it 🙁
    But I liked the shade of eye shadow and Ur 10 years of love!! 😀

    • Thanks Nav :-)) I cudnt capture the shade yaar. U can check my prveious eye liner posts. I’m wearing this in most of them 🙂

  2. aww nafi .. pathu varshama potti potti vachirukkeyae .. super ma .. i really loved the shade .. Where can we get this brand ?? ebay ?? give me some idea … if its still available in Oz then i’ll ask my frnd to get it from der ..

  3. Naf this is like an All in one product, blush cum eyeshadow cum hightlighter !!! but 10 years and you not scared to use it :struggle:

    • I was Mits…but even after all these years it doesn’t irritate my eyes or skin at all! :yes: N most fresh products irritate my skin 😛

    • Thanks sooo much Zee….I KNEW u’d come up with dupes :hug-makeup: The bourjois one is soooo lovely. I want that so bad! :-((


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