Red Hair Bling – Hip & Happening for Valentine’s


Color ME Red – Hip & Happening for Valentine’s <3

Happy Kiss day, Lovely Ladies!

Today is 13th Feb and according to Valentine week, we celebrate “Kiss day” on 13th Feb. So here is a big “Mwaaah” to all my fellow readers :*. Tomorrow is the most awaited day of the month or maybe year for some people, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, day of LOVE. Some say you don’t need a day to show your love to your loved ones, I agree but Why leave any opportunity to celebrate??? Life is a celebration in itself! Isn’t it??? Whether you believe it or not?? Everyone wish/expect on this special day their loved one to do something special for him/her and surprise them in some way 🙂 While everyone is busy thinking about what special needs to be done on V-day. All my girlies kept asking me about my plans?? I had absolutely No clue! Because as it is, He is not in town and I guess I will be working on 14th Feb L Sad! I know. But in the meanwhile, I thought I will do something to Surprise him till the time He returns.

I saw this EK MAIN AUR EK TU hoarding on my way to work yesterday in the morning, and that was the EUREKA moment when I got the idea of getting red lowlights done to my hair and perfect excuse for Valentines obviously. 😛 Red is the color of the month. Also, Red lowlights are in trend. And as you can see Kareena is looking hot and absolutely gorgeous with the red lowlights.

 hair bling red hair+red hair bling fashion

I even love the Fuchsia Pink she has done in the next picture. It looks so unique, classy and Fun.

I see many young girls using colors like Fuchsia pink, purple, blue etc. Bright colors makes you look Bold and beautiful. They attract every pair of eyes in the world. Colors not only add life to your look but to your life. 😀

Red looks lovely on dark brown and black hair regardless whether its straight, wavy or curly hair.

I personally think red color looks more beautiful on girls with wavy and curly hair.  Not forgetting the Blondes, Red looks ravishing on them too.

 red hair bling+coloured hair bling+

When it comes to Latest Hair styles & trends, Rihanna is the first person I can think of, from long hair to short hair, she has done it all and Mind you.. She is the best person in the world that I think can carry the color RED. Whether it’s the “LADY DANGER to RUSSIAN  RED” lipstick from MAC or lovely chinese red hair color. She just rocks the color. She is a Fashion diva and young girls admire with the way she carries of herself. Her sense of style and fashion is truly world-class and outstanding.  She has been changing and chopping her hair color from blonde to red to pink to blue to what not? She has experimented all.

hair bling coloured+white bling coloured hair

If you are afraid of carrying of the color, you can simply try with a single streak of your hair. Take only one section of your hair starting near your ears and color it. If you like it you can go for more low streaks. 😀

Here is the picture of my blonde streak which is soon going to turn RED 😉

coloured hair bling+hair bling coloured hair

I just have one section of my hair which is colored, rest all is black. I like it that way 🙂

I am going to use the same section of hair to color. A single streak of RED looks Awesome and I can’t wait to see his Reaction! YIPPIE 😀

I might go for more streaks after the red fades of; maybe fuchsia pink is next in line 😉

What about you girls?? Do you like lowlights or highlights more??? 😀

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  1. I am using this amazing hair pack for my hair on my parlour wali aunty’s works like magic..i am in love with my hair for the first time in my life..your article inspired me..:-)

  2. 😀 i had red streaks long back during my college days…..aaah they seem so far off now. :-(( i so want to experiment more with my hair bt with all the hair problems i am getting now….i don’t think i can 🙁

  3. Erica… loved the lowlights on Kareena!! But some how I feel it looks nice only on short hair!!!!
    But its def cool 🙂
    I got this temporary color spray that I use whenever i feel like getting purple streaks 🙂 🙂

  4. I plan t get streaking done hav neva experimented wid my hair..will it luk gud on curly hair? Actually t rephrase…will it even be seen from within my curls?

  5. Ooh! Cant wait to see red on ur hair Erica. Lovely post. I LOVE red on my hair. Ive had red lowlights done years ago. Then once i outgrew that i got red highlights done 😀 I’D love to do it again but i realizd hair color wreaks havoc on my skin :-(( Lucky u…u hav awesome skin too 🙂

    • Naa Nafisa.. I dont have AWESOME skin..I had acne issues and even today if i dont take care I start getting open pores problem and honestly it all bcoz of me. I had clear skin and took it for granted. Never took care of it, never followed any CTM and top of it used a lot of make up , even slept with make up On resulting bad acne problem. but finallly my skin is doing better now. and i still have few blemishes left. BUT Now i am doing everything to keep my skin healthy and clean! :-))

    • although i had burgundy streaks after i finished my 12th 🙁 sigh.. those were the days.. i was also planning to get red streaks done and a tattoo pierced. these two were always on my list and ill go for it after i finish my training course 😀

      • O woww! I Already have 2 tattoos on my hand…Deepika! I have done all crazy stuff during my college days and it continues 😛 … I can understand about the rules stuff, 🙁 well solution for that is fake hair streaks till then 😉

        • woah!! i sooo badly want a tattoo.. going to get it done after the training is over.. and as for streaks will get it done when i get my next haircut.. in march or april..

          • Supah kool! I am planning for my 3rd tattooo now. 😀 :yippee: Me and my boyfriend is mad abt piercing n tattoo’s . He had one lip piercing before but now no more and he still have eye brow piercing, where else I just pierced my nose and wear colorful studs, and with tattoo he has a tibetian OM on his neck and gayatri mantra written on his arms, I have Amore written on one hand wrist and the other one with Desire and destiny ambigram! :-))

  6. nice post…….i have colored my hair in dec.blonde streaks from back n red fringes 😎 ……… i love it :inlove: my hair attracts every pair of eyes :tap-dance:


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