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Red Raspberry oil Benefits 

Red Rasperry oil is considered to an excellent anti-oxidant and contains 83% essential fatty acids.It has high level of vitamin E which we have already discussed in our cosmetic dictionary before here.

Red Rasperry seed oil benefits

1.Raspberry oil is known more for its prevention of gingivitis , rashes and eczema and is used in skin creams , bath oils and tooth paste.

2. It is an emollient which is lubricating , conditioning and creates a lipid barrier which provides moisture retention for the skin.
3.Its anti- inflammatory properties are greater than those of Virgin Avocado oil, Grape seed oil, Hazelnut Oil and Wheat Germ oil too. 4. Red Raspberry seed oil act as a UV-A and UV -B shield and has SPF of between 28 and 50 which is a most sort ingredient in natural sunblock and sunscreen

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