Redness Around Nose & Breakouts


Hi Ladies!

Well, I am facing redness around my nose since quite long time now.. and breakouts now and then in this area..
I am a little novice in skin and make up knowledge since have never made enough attempts to delve into it. so i dont know if they are white heads or black heads.. In case of break outs i generally apply himalaya acne and pimple cream or a prescribed cream called CLEARZ Max by Dr. Reddy’s. Both take their own good time to reduce the pimples/breakouts but I wish I can get rid of this redness and have a normal looking nose rather than me lookin like Rudolph the red nose reindeer :p

Please suggest some tips.. I have a combination skin.. though nose is easilt flaky but these days very shiny.

redness around nose and breakouts

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  1. Hi dear..i face this problem in winters especially..i use lactocalamine . I have dry-combination skin. Its very soothing and completely reduces the redness, swelling and any itching if any.

    • Hi Dimpy..
      Thank u so much.. I will definitely getting a lactocalamine today 😀
      Have heard quite good things about it..

  2. Hey girl, you need to make sure you follow a good CTM routine and have good amount of sleep and water. and choose skin care products only after reading their ingredient list which suits your acne prone skin. Use green tea toner daily twice during your CTM ! Good luck !

    • Hi Mitra..
      Thnk u so much for ur suggestion

      Well my skin is sort of sensitive.. reacts easily.. is mostly dry bt oily T zone in summers.. so are there ne ingredients that i shud strictly avoid.. 🙂
      Presently I am using neutrogena cleansing face wash, toner i only use in winters.. :p
      For moisturisers (which I only used in winters earlier, but now I continue through out the year) I used Olay white randiance cream that comes in a tube bt recently I was prescribed one by the dermatologist.. It is called NMF Skin lotion (aloe Vera an Vitamin E lotion are the main ingredients, rest ingredients: water, liquid paraffin(light), glycerin, cetostearyl alcohol, Fragrance, stearic acid, cetomacrogol(1000) simethicone, methyl Paraben 🙁 , triethenalomine, Propyl paraben and edetate disodim) phew!!!
      but m always confused bout a good skin routine.. I apply a sunscreen in the morning (though i dnt have much exposure to sun sort of work life).. den wash it in the office around lunch, apply this moisturiser, wash face wen back home in the evening and I apply this cream called demelan before sleeping.

  3. I faced the similar problem last winter.. I applied garnier day cream for dry skin on that area. used anti-acne cream during night.. stopped oil-clearing facewashes .. just used dove.. my problem got solved.. i got combination skin..


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