Redoing My House With Online Furniture


Now that I am back in my city and shifted to a new house I keep thinking of making my house a better place.Gone are the days (in urban city atleast) where there use to ample amount of space and big garden outside the house.Aah! I so love visiting my mom house now.I   could store all thing possible that time .Nevermind..! living in flats is equal fun too.With huge societies and like minded people around one can make lots of friends and with that one gets  to shop more to organize the house 😉

 I have been thinking of buying some furniture online as I just don’t have the energy to travel to far end of the city with a little one.Buying from near by places is too expensive .I thought of pulling up some options which I am currently lusting at and are rightly priced and can be delivered directly to my door step.

Mango Wood Display Rack


I keep thinking where to place all those  little Ganesha, pots or even fresh flowers which my hubby gift me .This will be an ideal space to display those things something which will look beautiful in the loving room.

 Price – INR 6999

Mango Wood Wall Shelf


We all love book shelf especially if they are wall shelf.I generally keeps all the unread books to remind myself the pending one  and it’s a great way to store books and brighten the mundane study room 🙂

Crockery Cabinet

 INR 14,999


 Right now all my crockey is lying closed in my guest room 🙁 .I have no space to keep them in my kitchen or dining hall and this cabinet will be a great way to show off all the beautiful mugs and cups which we women are obsessed off 😛

 Well ! I can go on imagining how to re do my house .It’s kind of an unending desire and now that we have online furniture stores also then it gets more tempting.How about you ?

Do you have some ideas or furniture in mind to store crockery and books ?


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  1. I love that display rack and the wooden book shelf..but all my display racks and shelves now have to be hung up high on the wall else I have a inquisitive two year old wrecking havoc in the house 🙂

  2. HAHA.. This is sooo pretty! :beauty:

    i d love to buy a make up storage furniture for my room.. all my stuff is lying in my new house.. GOD knws whr?? n m Just using wateva stuff i get in my hand ..n dis is no fair.. dis is d season where i can play with colors wit all the e/s palettes that i have been hoarding! :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :lipstick: :inlove: :hammer:


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