Reducing weight through salads

Salads are best source of increasing fiber intake. Fiber intake lower cholesterol and removes constipation. Best thing which salad do to your body is it makes you feel fuller which leads to weight loss. Salads are very filling and eating them before having your meal reduces your calorie intake as you end up consuming less.

Instead of following some strict diet if you stick to a simple eating pattern you can easily lose weight without much of an effort. Furthermore, green veggies give us high levels of antioxidants which reduce our chances of developing many illnesses, such as cancer.

Though there are n numbers of salads which can be made but can be categorized into two types of salads.

Salad No.1-This salad includes vegetables like carrots, tomato, radish, spinach, cabbage, cucumber, chopped coriander and mint, green chili and lemon juice. If you like eating onion then can include that also. Eat this salad before having a meal .Remember to chew your salad properly.

Salad No.2-In this salad include papaya, oranges, banana, grapes and other fruits. This salad should be eaten after the meal and not during or before the meal.

Eating salad before and after the meal will minimize calorie intake and make you lose weight easily. You won’t starve and will always feel full. This eating pattern will not only reduce weight but will also help those who want to maintain their weight. If this meal pattern is taken at around 8pm night then it will show better result.

Salad also makes your teeth and gum strong and improves your digestion as well. So keeping these things in mind one should include salad in their everyday life and not when one have guest at home.




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