Refreshing Makeup In The Middle Of The Day Is Easy Now!


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Summer is the monster for makeup! No matter how smudge-proof and waterproof a makeup may seem, at the end of the day, everything melts down like an ice cream. And all those false claims of 16-hour long lipstick and 15-hour long foundation is totally irrelevant to any logic. So we need to touch up at the middle of the day but surely, there are ways to do that very appropriately. Scroll down to know how Refreshing Makeup In the Middle Of The Day is Easy!

Refreshing Makeup In The Middle Of The Day Is Easy

Bleeding Lipstick

Whether you opt for the most amazing and long lasting lipstick of all times, fading and bleeding of your lipstick is a must. There can be two situations for your lipsticks and you should be prepared for both. First, if the colour of your lipstick fades then you can surely remove the excess and then apply a lip balm. After waiting for a few minutes. blot off the excess and then apply another coat of the lipstick. But if the colour creases and settles into fine lines, then be prepared to scrub it well. You can carry some small lip scrub of your choice too! And lastly, finish off with another coat of the same lipstick.

Creasing Makeup

Makeup and creasing are like two buddies that shouldn’t be together. Everything right from your kajal to concealer to mascara creases like hell and you need some tips to set it together. Your best friend should be Q-tips. These little angels come handy when you just need to touch up and need not take it all off. Wet the wool and then remove the product in your crease. Then apply an eye cream to smooth it out. Apply another coat of the product and you are sorted, my love!

Melting Foundation

Melting Foundation is one of the worse situations you can face in your lifetime and surely, you don’t want to mess up your look at your office. So follow the three step routine every day to get the perfect base all day long 🙂

At first, moisturise your face and wait for 5 minutes before applying your primer. Wait for 3-4 minutes more before applying a foundation. When you feel your foundation is starting to wear off, keep a face mist handy and spray it all over the face. Also, you can blot the excess foundation with a tissue or wet wipes and apply another coat. Voila!

That’s all folks! Hope you have liked my post 🙂

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