Best Remedies To Improve Hair Texture


Sweety asks,

Hey anamika,
i am new here.nice to find ur blog Smile
I am going to shift to US in 2 months for higher studies and by the time I go..i just want to have a new look.I want to try on trendy hairstyles but to my bad luck,I have thin hair and its dull and rough.Bcoz of this,any trendy hair styles dont suit me.Can u please suggest me some effective remedies that improve the texture,quality and volume of my hair in 2 months.I have tried many home remedies like aloevera,egg,curd..wat not?but of no use. Frown it remains smooth for 2 days and next day its back to normal.plz suggest me some remedies and also best shampoos for dry and thin hair..


best remedies to improve hair texture


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  1. You should use ” Revlon Flex Body Building Protein Shampoo as well as Conditioner”. It adds volume to the hair. Also, avoid any treatments like Straightening etc. as it causes hair fall and you don’t wanna mess up if you already have thin & less hair.

  2. when u go o US start using Traders Joe sampoo or the Dr Bonners liquid castile soap to wash your hair… ditch all sls shampoos.u should find it easily in stores there! do hot oil treatment once a week.should help with texture of hair.

  3. try dis hair mask.. mayonnaise 2tbsp, coconut cream 2tbsp, honey 1tbsp, olive oil 1tbsp, castor oil 1tbsp any milky conditioner 2tbsp n lil water, beat wid fork.. spray ur hairs wid normal water, thn apply dis mask to all over ur hairs..n leave it for 1 hr then wash wid tap water now apply vit e hair capsule massage well thn leave it for 1 day wash ur hairs wid mild shampoo n use good conditioner … u will feel da difference if u use dis mask regularly.. apply thirce a month .. good luck =))

  4. hey i have same problem nd even in a month iam gng to u.s, so i had hair spas sittings around 8 times nd my hair was now super looking, along with this try matrix fortifying shampoo, conditioner and serum…it changed the texture of my hair…it is soft …al my rough look had gone …now iam happy nd trying so many new hair styles

  5. do hot oil treatment on alternate days intitially for a month…it will definitely improve the hair texture and as Pranali said, use castile soap there…Dr. Bronners is extremely famous. and, of course, hair spas also help so may be once a month – a hair spa or deep conditioning. btw, salon treatments are too expensive in US so if you going as a student, I would suggest you to get them done in India only in these two months….that will help 🙂

  6. heyyy..thank u all for ur valuable suggestions..I have used Matrix shampoo..but didnt try conditioner and serum.will try it now and all other tips 🙂 My hair is a bit curly..I dont want to try straightners on my hair as of now..its already thin and dull.But I heard that coconut milk is a natural starightner.Is it true?also,Can i get some tips for black lips?I am very fair in complexion but my lips are dark..r there any ways to get rosy lips?I tried applying olive oil.But I noticed that my lips become dry on applying it 🙁

  7. use olive oil to get rid of roughness and to get smooth soft hair.. i swear by olive oil….

    if u can then try eating lemon or in other words squeezing and drinking the juice out of a lemon each day till 15days.. lemon has citric acid.. which helps in hair growth… do this religiously for 15days.

    use revlon flex shampoo and conditioner. it is indeed good! :-))

    ATB 🙂

  8. Methi seeds had helped me improve the texture of my hair and make them thick.
    You need to soak a spoonful of methi seeds [for shoulder length hair] overnight. Grind them the next day and apply to hair, wash after half an hour. You can use it along with some other herbal hair pack like Jovees [Its reviewed here on wiseshe] You should see the difference right from the first use 🙂

    For lips, try applying raw milk everyday.

    All the best girl 🙂

  9. Hi!!! 2 years before I’d underwent through a hairstyle rebounding.after an year my hair fall is on top and the
    Texture is weird.want any remedy to improve their condition
    As well as hair growth.


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