Remington CI5338 E51 Pro Big Curl Hair Curler Review


Remington CI5338 E51 Pro Big Curl Hair Curler

I don’t know but there are not many Remington  curing iron rod reviews around. It’s difficult to find a particular curling rod which won’t damage hair and will work the fastest and even more difficult is to chose among 100s of them. Before this Iron rod, I was using Conair Infiniti but great deal of time is spent in curling hair even if I want big loose curls which ideally should not take much time. So my hunt for a curling iron rod which can give  big curls without making me spend hours in front of the mirror ended with Remington Pro Big Curl Hair Curler

  • Price –I got it from purpple .com as they were running some discount on it.You can buy from flipkart here.


Details of Remington CI5338 E51 Pro Big Curler:-


4 X Protection for smooth shine & less static*: Anti static Ceramic, Tourmaline Ionic, Smooth glide coating. 38mm tong for tight curls. Max temperature 210°C. 8 temperature settings. Fast 30 second heat up. On/Off switch. Ready indicator light. Worldwide voltage. Automatic safety shut off after 60 mins. Cool tip, Heat protection stand, Swivel cord

  • Model Name – Remington CI5338 E51 Pro Big Curler
  • Brand  – Remington
  • Specifications -Barrel Type Anti Static Ceramic
  • Temperature Range –  210°C
  • Indicator – Light
  • Heat Up time 30 secs
  • Coating – Tourmaline Ionic
  • Barrel Size –  38 mm
  • Swivel Cord -Yes
  • Warranty -1 year
  • Power Requirements
  • Power Source Electricity


Remington curling machine

Circumference of this iron rod is about 38 mm and it hardly takes any time in heating up. It has ceramic coating because of which it gives four times more protection than the other non ceramic wands around.

Remington curling iron rod

Temperature range from 140 degrees to 210 degrees. My hair can not hold curls well there fore I mostly have to keep it at 210 degrees only. If you have fine hair then keeping the temperature low is a better for your hair health. There is a blue light indicator which helps the person know whether the iron is on or not. It’s quite an important feature for me as I am quite a forgetful person and imagining my baby touching it skips my heart beat.

Also it has an automatic shut off after 60 minutes.

Remington CI5338 E51 Pro Big Curl Hair Curler price

And here are my loose curls. After using a fix spray they stayed for around one and half day and not more than that. You can wrap small sections of your hair to get tight curls  or add variation to your look by holding the wand horizontally or vertically.Just practice and play around

All you do is wrap small sections of your hair around the wand and hold for 6-10 seconds and that’s it! You can create variations in the curl by holding the wand horizontally or vertically, and by curling larger or smaller sections. Just practice and play around with it often and you will start getting hang of it.

Remington hair curler india

Also, I learned few things while using curling iron so thought of jotting them down here

1) Don’t touch you hair often if you want the curls to stay.

2) Hair fix spray is a must

3) Don’t brush your curls until they are cool down.

4) Do pamper your hair with hair pack or hair spa to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Summing it up – If you like big loose curls then this one is a great investment which will last for a long long time. I do not see any negative in it. Quality of the product justifies its price too.

Have you tried Remington CI5338 E51 Pro Big Curl Hair Curler?



  1. you look so pretty Anamika……I already loved ur hair in ur last pic of this look. I’m scared of heating my hair so I go for sock-bun usually & for a quick fix- parlour 🙂

  2. you look beautiful Anamika… n I love and follow wiseshe from a long time…. 🙂 I specially like the sincere effort each one puts in their posts here…

    • Hi Nisita…what i meant is all these curling iron and rod results in damaged hair..To prevent damage one should use hair pack or hair spa.


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