RevAyur Skin Toner with Tea Extracts Review


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Revayur Skin Toner with Tea Extracts


In Mumbai, no matter which time of the year it is. Its always hot! I wish I could come to Delhi during winters, they say if you really want to enjoy cold then you should go North India. Alas! That happens very less with me, I roam more in Mumbai and Goa and I don’t think I have ever been to Delhi or anywhere towards the North. Oh yes I did not 😛 Kill me! I am reaching 25 and still did not see even half of India forget the world! Okay So the reason behind buying RevAyur Skintoner with Tea extracts is simply because I do not have gulabari or rose water spray with me. While Rose water just gives glow to your face. My skin always wants a little extra from every skincare product I buy. I chose this over a rose water spray as this toner claims to tone, tighten, refresh the skin. Also it is suitable to normal to combo to oily skin. So a “+” for me.  The toner is small in size easy to carry in your handbag and hence I can carry it to work. Whenever tired just get it out and spray it directly over the face. 🙂


About Rev Ayur Skin Toner With Tea Extracts:

  • Price – Rs. 95

Refreshing Facial Mist + RevAyur


  • Packaging –  It comes in a nice small bottle with an easy to spray facility. The bottle is very portable and convenient to carry even in the smallest handbag. I would say decent packaging nothing over board or luxurious.


Toners for Oily Skin

My Experience with RevAyur Skin Toner with Tea extracts –

Okay! Go ahead and blindly buy this if you are looking for a cool refreshing toner which also tones and tightens enlarged pores. All the words claimed by the company towards the product is so true.  With just 2-3 sprays over the forehead, cheeks and neck and my face looks refreshed, toned and radiant. I even noticed that this toner tightens my pores and gives a smooth plain face. Like I have applied gel on the face. It provides smooth soft and healthy looking skin. Absolutely,suitable to all skin types. It works better than rose water toners I feel. The price for the product is also very reasonable and available at most online shopping websites.  You can even use this skintoner with your face packs. That way it works even better because the toner has this slight cooling and tingling sensation when sprayed on the face. That’s how I know its working on my pores. Oh and did I tell you, it has a nice natural fragrance. I will keep this review short and highly recommend this to you if you want to try something different from a normal rose water toner.



Revayur Skin Toner with Tea Extracts + Benefits


Pros of RevAyur Skintoner with Tea extracts-


  • Instant refreshment
  • Tones and tightens the enlarged pores
  • Gives a clean, soft and smooth surface to the skin
  • A natural scented toner smells great
  • Portable packaging
  • Good pricing
  • Suitable to all skintypes


Cons of RevAyur Skin toner with Tea extracts :-


  • Absolutely Nothing


Ratings – 5/5

Recommendation – I highly recommend this to everyone who is looking for a skintoner which not only refreshes but tones and tightens the pores instantly.

Have you tried Rev Ayur Skin Toner With Tea Extracts?

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  1. wow.. ric i m amazed at how u dig out awesome products in this world.. most of which we have never tried or even know.. 😀

    kudos gal.. keep it going.. n for this toner.. next time i gonna pick tis for sure over my rose water 😀

    • Yea do dat..Revathy! I like rosewater however my skin is too demanding and needs extraordinary stuff always!. do get it m sure u will like it! :hug-makeup:


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