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By Prerana Sharma,                                           Clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub

For me it is really difficult to choose a good scrub. Till today I have tried6-7 brands of scrub that claims to be gentle and for daily use (like Lotus apriscrub, Lotus berryscrub, Everyouth walnut scrub, himalaya walnut scrub and many but ended up with either dry skin or with less satisfaction 🙁 .They actually had more cream and less scrubbing beads! And the beads were too  harsh on my skin!

Clean And Clear Blackhead Removing Scrub

Well, being oily, I have complete faith in Clean & clear range especially foaming face wash which I use in summers and conpletly LOVE itJ, so I thought to give this scrub too a chance. To be honest, I was little doubtful of its results I wished “clean n clear…… plz don’t break my faith” and grabbed it :D:D

  • What the scrub claims – Blackhead remover scrub which visibly lessen blackheads in just 3 days.
  • Price Rs 90/- for 80gms
  • Ingredients not mentioned 🙁
  • Usage: well, you all know very well how to use it so why should I write? But for those who do not yet comfortable with the idea of scrubbing , I  will suggest-you have to wet your face, take a pea sized scrub on your fingers and then massage it making small circles on the face / blackheads areas using fingertips.

Gel like consistency with super tiny green colored beads

Clean And CLear Blackhead removing scrub

  • My experience with it – I have used it for three days and I have seen a considerable decrease in the appearance of my blackheads. My nose bridge is ‘clean n clear’ now. J J I think girls with acne should be very careful. Scrubing of acne is :oh my God” it is very dangerous, you may end up with more acne or infections! Those girls should use it on nose only.  I noticed one more thing. When I used it without lathering it, it works better. But when I worked it into a lather and applied, I felt as if the beads melted, the feeling was like of a face wash.
  • NOTE If you have time and can manage taking steam before scrubbing with clean and clear scrub them it will keep blackheads away for long long time .:)

Now a scary thing.I actually took a closer picture of my nose too show you how clean my nose looks after using the scrub.:D:D

Clean And Clear Black Head Removal before and after




What I like about Clean And Clear Blackheads Removing Scrub:-

  • Oil free, so good for oily girls like me.
  • Doesn’t clog pores.
  • Ahh! at last it took out my black heads out of my nose! Does what it claims.
  • Scrubbing green beads are very gentle and tiny (that’s why not showing up in pic).
  • Packaging is travel friendly and hygienic.
  • Price is very less girls so plz give it a try..
  • It doesn’t have strong fragrance so no irritation to sensitive girls, only apple-ly flavor J J.
  • A little amount is required to scrub whole face.
  • Now I don’t see much blackheads on my nose as much as I used to see before.
  • Good for daily use (even in winters, without any dryness)

What I do not like about Clean And Clear Blackheads Removing Scrub:-

  1. Ingredients are not mentioned 🙁
  2. May dry up dry skin girls.

.Otherwise none. Works great for me with my facial clearing sponges..

Goggling a lot in Net to find a gentle scrub I got an information that, natural scrubs like walnut, apricot are generally harsh to skin. Where as synthetic beads  scrub is gentle. Earlier I had tried Neutrogena Deep Clean scrub too (and that one really gentle) but costly so I think clean and clear is a good option to try out…a trial pack of Rs 27/- is also available..

Which is you best facial scrub till date?

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  1. WOW! removed black heads? really? i was always skeptical of using clean n clear things because of there cheap packaging, though these are favourites.
    but if it works on black heads…. Clean n clear, I am coming 😀 😀 😀

  2. I was looking for this one in H&G but they didnot have the smallest pack…will check it next week again…waise Prerna try to get this charcoal nose strip if you can…its super convenient and takes off the gunk off your nose in 15 mins !!!

  3. I am very scared of scrubbing my face because of dryness which I experience in summers also….so whenever I need scrubbing I use chickpea flour to wash my face…and I am done.Nowadays I am using homemade scrub with sugar and working great…can you guys suggest some mild scrubs which will suit dry skin?

  4. And Yes Prerna……you nose is very clean n clear in the pic..and see I am not laughing also…no I can’t control now.. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  5. Nice review….and cute nose pic 🙂 I was thinking of buying this scrub but then happened to see the garnier pure active blackhead uprooting scrub…..just waiting for a review about that,then I can choose 😛

  6. Nice review Prerna. And ur clear nose is definitely a good advertisement for the product 😀

    My favourite facial scrub would be the Fab india neem and tulsi one. It is the mildest scrub I have ever used. I can’t really say whether it removes blackheads or whiteheads but it definitely exfoliates well.

  7. hahahah..yaa Neutrogena should award prerana for this..brave show girl 😀

    yes my fav r fab india scrubs only..i use it almost every alternate day 🙂

    love using it..

  8. Me going to pick up their pome scrub next. But then last time I was at the shop they were selling it in a set (with face cream, soap n all). I wish I could get the scrub alone.

  9. I also have tried all kinds of scrubs – so many brands – my all time fav is Neutrogena – I recently bought the Garnier one and I like it a lot – better than most others!

    • Garnier ..?? which garnrier scrub Yuvika and how much did it cost?also what type of ksin will it be suitable..sorry ..i ask too many questions :O

      • It’s in a blue back – specifically for blackheads – cost ummm – can’t remember – cheaper than Neutrogena – 200-250 bucks for the standard pack…It has salicylic acid as well and leaves you with a very cleansed feeling at the end – it’s a daily scrub and would suit normal to oily skin that is pone to acne and open pores…there’s a zing feeling when you wash your face with it as if something is working on the pores – just like the one you have after washing with neutrogena – tho this one is a little stronger!


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