Review- Himalaya herbal oil balancing face wash gel review, price and photos

By Anuradha,

Himalaya herbal oil balancing face wash gel – Face wash for oily skin !!!

We are three sisters and all are obssesed with beauty and makeup.Two of us have oily skin and one  has dry. I and my sisters spends hours talking about skin care products and when we came across wise she we got super excited. Wise She is a great platform to bring together all  the skin care obssesed women. You will be seeing lot many reviews here from our side and few of our favorite brands where all sisters splurge on are St.Ives, Himalaya, and Revlon.
Let me start with my skin. I am blessed with a super oily skin and I am always hunting for product which helps in controlling oil from it. So around a month back I got Himalaya herbal oil balancing face wash gel. I have read on wise she that gel based products are good for oily skin so the moment I saw it I picked it up.

Price of Himalaya herbal oil balancing face wash is Rs 65 for 100ml

What the product claims:-
Himalaya Oil Balancing Face Wash Gel
Enriched with Citron, an astringent and cooling agent, and Honey, which has natural, deep cleansing properties. Unlike soap, it will not leave your face feeling dry and stretched. Use regularly for a clean, fresh and glowing skin.
Use Directions:
Moisten face, apply a small quantity of Oil Balancing Face Wash Gel and gently work up lather with a circular motion. Wash off and pat dry. Use twice daily.
Oil Balancing Face Wash Gel can be used for oily skin.
One gram of product contains 10mg Mahu(honey), Bijapura extract (citrus medica)-50gm
    It has a flip open lid which makes my work quiet easy and love its transparent gel which has a strong honey and citron fruit fragrance.One tube lasts for a long time as just a pea size quantity is needed to wash my face.

What I like about Himalaya herbal oil balancing face wash

1. This products keeps my skin oil free for 3-4 hours.
2.I like the transparent gel of the tube which foams up pretty nicely.
3.I just love the fragance of the product
4.It is decently priced and thankfully my skin doesn’t feel dry in this winter season also after using this product.
5.I  love the fact that it is 100% herbal.
1. Even after using the product my skin still breaks out.So it does clean but doesn’t help in controlling acne.
Rating– 3.5/5
Will I re -purchase – Yes , I will, in this winter season but look for something better in summers.
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  1. Himalaya face washes never actually heal or prevent acne!besides they are so expensive in Pakistan!I used the neem one but thar didnt work!But I like its deep cleansing lotion!

  2. Hey Anuradha…..this one didnot suit my acne either…have you tried the Neem face wash from Himalaya…do so…its got ALL of the props of this one and some more…

  3. Yeah, i think it is for oily skin but I like the neem look/feel/smell and doesnt dry me out too much ! I love most Himlaya products, including their shampoos too – good stuff !

  4. waititing waiiitting and i am waiting for the review of clinique three step too 🙂 it is your blog feel free to post anything..and u know it by now:)



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