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By Prerna Sharma,

Livon silky potion review!!!


   Livon Silky Potion
Usually, I find it very difficult to wash my long hair daily during bath especially in winters as I also need sufficient time to dry up my hair. So I was in search of a leave on conditioner which can make my hair free from frizziness. I saw Livon silky potion while roaming in a departmental store and thought of giving it a try. It’s basically a hair serum and is decently 

Price of Livon silky potion is Rs185/- for 100ml


                                                                                    Flip open cap
What it claims: Livon enriched with Vitamin E and a unique CutiSoft formula, is perfect for everyone who wants perfect hair. It gently detangles hair and reduces breakage, leaving behind a shiny, protective sheath that keeps hair soft and shiny.
Directions to use Damp your hair with little bit of water and then apply Livon Silky Potion on the hair.  After applying the silky potion, comb as usual and let the hair air-dry. You need not wash off, its a leave-on conditioner. It comes in a flip-open cap to control the amount of fluid coming out from the bottle..

Ingredients– Cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, dimethiconol, tocopheryl acetate, mineral oil.

 My experience with livon– I liked it very much. The mild scent of the Livon Silky potion always gives me a pleasant feeling of freshness in my hair. The shine I got after applying it, lasted me through out the day (till i washed it off). Moreover, it gave me a coating of moisture on my hair without a feeling of oily stickiness and at the same time it didn’t attract outdoor dust.
Pros 1.          It comes in flip open cap which effectively controls fluid flow.
2.                  It moisturizes hair without making it oily kind chip-chip.
3.                  It comes with mild scent which is very refreshing.
4.                  It acts as a detangler which facilitates easy combing and prevent hair from breakage.
5.                  It is easily available and not expensive.
Cons– 1.          If applied in ample amount, hair wont give a bounce feel.
2.                  The product is not for scalp as hair tonic.
3.                  To be used only on clean hair, not be usesd on dirty / dusted hair as the dust will stick along with it.
My final verdict-         I recommend it. We use conditioner after shampooing our hair to soften our hair. Livon Silky Potion softens hair when we don’t wash our hair. Its a worth buy which lasts around 2 months.

                                                      Fluid just like normal light hair-oil but no chip-chip

Will I re-purchase it– Definitly. It suits my hair.

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  1. Of course, it is a gr8 product. But I read somewhere it consists of Silicon, which is not good in long terms on hair. Don't know the truth about it. Does any1 have an idea on this ?

  2. Of course, it is a gr8 product. But I read somewhere it consists of Silicon, which is not good in long terms on hair. Don't know the truth about it. Does any1 have an idea on this ?

  3. U know i have also heard the same thing about this works great initally then after wards it stops working completely .

  4. Ya it does contain silicon which reflect light and thus make hair shiny but it is present in so less amount that wont do any harm i think, moreover all our cosmetics contain parabeanes in many forms,parabenes are known to cause cancer if used in high amount (well our cosmetics don't use high amt), but we dont stop using our cosmetics na!! so chill n enjoy life…

  5. i find it a decent product, its actually a boon for people with good volume, i like it, its always there in my shelf, i switch it matrix or the pantene serum, as my hair also needs variety just like me :D…thanks for the review Prerna

  6. Its a complete bullshit and crap i have no hair loss intially but to make my dull and wry hair i started using it i felt superb intially but after two months i have been facing damn hair loss and now donno how to control the loss ..:(
    My suggestion to use at occasions and not daily

  7. Hi..

    My hair is Thin and bit straight….!!! It was very thick and bouncy during my school days… But now that bouncy-ness and Shine totally gone..!!! Livon works for a while… To de-tangle my hair.. But Not a permanent solution… Pls Pls Pls… temme how to bring shine and bouncy-ness back… ( :rose: )

  8. I used 3 bottles of this product and i found my hair more managable and for some reasons i stopped using it..after that my hair became more dry than before :/ donno whether it is the aftereffects of livon.
    i think its not gud for daily use.use it only occationally.long term use make reverse effect on hair.

  9. One of the most amazing product for hairs that I’ve came across in recent days. Livon serum is so perfect for managing and curbing any breakage or damage. It controls frizziness, eases out tangles within seconds, and gives you a silky, shiny and glossy hair. I have been using it since a very long time and liked the product a lot. Surely recommend you people to use it.
    Believe me it is a great and handy product. Can use it anywhere anytime. Doesn’t harms the hair at all. “With livon everyday is a good hair day”


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