Review- Otrvin Nasal Spray for severe cold and cough


By Prerna Sarkar, 

Due to severe cold and cough especially in winters – I was finding it very difficult to breathe normally. I was not able to sleep at all and was  blowing my nose every now and then just gave me relief for another few minutes. I was feeling terribly uncomfortable and just needed a remedy to help me get some relief from my blocked nose. This is when Otrivin Nasal spray came to my rescue.
 Otrivin Nasal spray was recommended to me by my neighbour. It is specially formulated to get relief from blocked nose. When I used this nasal spray for the first time, I had my own doubts about its effectiveness. After spraying it in my nose- I felt like pouring some drops of water in my nose. But to my surprise, my blocked nose just opened up almost instantly (30sec). I could actually breathe normally! My God, what a wonderful product Science has made,,,,

 Otrivin Nasal sprays spread evenly inside my nose and it almost opened up so naturally that it almost felt that my nose was never ever blocked. I was totally impressed. Also the fact that Otrivin nasal spray did not have the risk of any side effects (till u r using just the required dose of 2-4spray per nostrils), made it easier for me to use this nasal spray without any kind of fear.
Ab to mere ghar mei hamesha Otrivin rehta hai, lolz..!!!

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