Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator Review


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About  Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator:
It hasLight reflecting micronized crystals illuminate on contact. Sheer color in a lightweight, oil-free formula. SPF 18
I actually got this stuff when i was looking for a bronzer and bought lakme’s face sheer sun kissed and was quite upset when the revlon SA showed me on my way back..

This cute thing is supposed to be a face illuminator which can be used after and also as a foundation or on just nude skin…
it gives beautiful illumination and u gota use very little to get the effect.

Revlon age defying spa face illuminator Review

You can see that it comes in a tube with a brush…all u have to  do is twist the nozzle to the open side and squeeze a tiny bit as i had shown and that one is enough for the whole face..and the brush kinda helps you to spread it all over evenly or at the spot where you want to..
I personally use it nude on the skin or when I am made up, I use it on the bridge of my nose to make it look longer and perfect 😀

Revlon illuminator review


  • Fragrance – It has great fragrance which is very mild and lingers on and is a good buy for Rs.800(not sure of the exact price, got it 3 months back)
  • Shades – Several shades available,I  got bare light 010

Look at the tiny amount I  had taken

best illuminator review

See the area it covers but looks ghostly

Revlon  age defying spa face illuminator Review

After careful blending in sunlight(though night time is the better choice, it doesn’t look bad at day lite too because the crystals are too tiny)

Revlon  age defying spa face illuminator Review

What I like aboutAbout revlon age defying spa face illuminator:


  • The product does what it claims “Instantly brightens and enhances skin”
  • Ultra lite
  • Moisturising
  • Use nude or as an illuminator or a high lighter
  • A little amount enough to cover the whole face
  • Synthetic brush is washable with soap and water
  • L ook realy lovely on snaps with right application.
  • Has SPF 18
  • Oil free
  • Superb fragrance

What I don’t like aboutAbout Revlon age defying spa face illuminator:

  • One has to be really careful of the quantity , if a lot, u’ll look bleached on photos

No other cons as such..I literally love this one and this certainly is worth the prize



  1. it sound interesting but i wonder isnt it too shimmery… in second last pic ur hand look too white and shiny…. ?:-) ?:-)

  2. Nice review !! 🙂 i was pondering about Revlon skinlights. Its priced at a prohibitive 710/-. but the bronze was too beautiful to be ignored . what do you girls suggest ? i tried lakme bronzer . but there has a pink tinge and am dusky. i don’t think i could carry it. anyone suggest please ?:-)

  3. Reddy, have u tried Lakme fantasy collection bronzer? i think it will work.
    i am dusky too n m eyeing on that…. i think u shd try it at store itself… i might work :-)) :-))


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