Revlon Beyond Natural 91182 Flirty Synthetic Eyelash Review & EOTD


Revlon Beyond Natural 91182 Flirty Synthetic Eyelash

Hello Everyone,

I hope you remember my Drugstore Makeup Haul which I shared in the starting week of the New Yar 2015. I happened to haul some set of false eyelashes as I really like to wear them on special occasions as it gives a really defined look to my eye makeup giving a pretty look.

Here, I am going to review the Revlon Beyond Natural 91182 Flirty Synthetic Eyelash and have also put up an eye makeup look with these false eye lashes so as to give a better idea of how natural these falsies look when applied perfectly with a suitable eye makeup look.

Revlon Beyond Natural Synthetic Lashes

About Revlon Beyond Natural 91182 Flirty Synthetic Eyelash:

Enhance your look! Get gorgeous, natural lashes effortlessly.

  • With various styles available, each with a different length and volume, you can easily customize your lashes.
  • Safe for sensitive eyes

Price– $7.99

Directions to use:

  • Brush on adhesive to lash band. For best results, use Revoln Precision Lash Adhesive.
  • Hold lash for 20 seconds. Flex it back and forth like a horseshoe for a comfortable fit.
  • Gently apply and pres lashes onto natural lash line. Be sure to press corners securely into place.

Tip-Use the back of makeup brush or tweezers to pres down on lashes to ensure long-lasting hold.

How to remove- Use oil-based eye makeup remover to gently peel off and remove. Wash with water to remove excess lieu on eyelid.

Packaging– These eye lashes are packed in a hard transparent plastic packaging. There is no separate case-like box given.

My Experience with  Revlon Beyond Natural 91182 Flirty Synthetic Eyelash:

Wearing falsies is quite a trend nowadays as more women are becoming aware of it. Earlier kohl, eyeliner & mascara were the only tools which could enhance the eyes of a women but when the trend to wear false eyelashes started, one could do more to their eyes and achieve a dense lash line on special occasions like wedding or parties.

Revlon beyond natural review eyelashes

These false eye lashes are really natural looking and one can not say that you are wearing anything on the eyes, unless you have a very sparse lash line. These are soft and light-weight which makes it easy to wear without making you feel anything.

Those who are new to wearing false eye lashes may find a certain inhibition initially but after sometime the feeling fades away.

I have been quite  fond of wearing false eyelashes as my lash line is not very voluminous, so on special days I don’t hesitate in wearing falsies. These give an overall glam look to the eyes enhancing the eye makeup.

I have shared one of my recent eye looks and I am wearing false eyelashes in it. Well, I hope you see how natural these eyelashes look. The length of the falsies is perfectly in accordance with my natural lash line making it look next best to being natural! 🙂

eyelashes revlon beypond natural

What I like about Revlon Beyond Natural 91182 Flirty Synthetic Eyelash:

  • Natural looking
  • Apt lash length
  • Soft & Light-weight
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to apply & remove
  • Eyes look naturally beautiful

What I don’t like about Revlon Beyond Natural 91182 Flirty Synthetic Eyelash:

  • I don’t have a con for this! 🙂


Will I recommend?– Well, I will surely recommend these false eye lashes as they are extremely light in weight and are easy o apply. The natural lash line looks completely a part of these falsies giving a perfect dense lash line.

Have you tried   Revlon Beyond Natural 91182 Flirty Synthetic Eyelash?

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