Revlon Colorburst Lipstick (Product review, Swatches and pictures)

                                                 Revlon Lipstick(Product review and swatches)
I heard so much about these lipstick that I didn’t even think twice before buying them.I bought this with my Revlon colorstay foundation and I am now mad about some of the Revlon cosmetics.Thankfully Revlon has introduced 20 shades in these lipstick so most of us will manage to get the shade of our liking.I wanted to choose bright red lipstick but then I laid my hand on  crimson as I though this will match my complexion more.By the way I already have my one of the best red lipstick check it out here.
 Product comes in a beautiful packaging with premium bullet lipstick case and embossed Revlon logo on bullet.
Price of Revlon colorbust lipstick -Rs 550
New Revlon lipstick has unique Elastic color technology hugs lips with an explosion of color that feel virtually weightless.Contains film-forming polymers for longer wear and skin conditioning properties.(From website)

                                                      Below is Revlon lipstick swatches

Revlon Coloburst lipstick has 18 shades.(I know it is boring but please read all the shades as it took me lot of time to write each one of them):P
1. Crimson
2. True red
3 .Ruby
4 .Coral
5 .Peach
6. Soft Nude
7, Rosy Nude
8. Chocolate
9. Sienna
10. Hazel Nut
 11 .Rasp Berry
12 .Soft Rose
13 .Blush
14 Fushsia
15 Carnation
16 Baby Pink
18. Plum
19 Mauve
20 Lilac
What I liked about the product:-
1.First of all this lipstick hardly bleeds.I hate when my lipstick bleeds and I have to do my touch up again and again.
2.It keeps my skin moisturized and doesn’t give them a dry feeling.I always apply a lipbalm before my lipstick but with these one I can skip the process altogether.
3.It is too light on my lips unlike many lipstick brands.
4.It has so many color range and most of them are daily wear.You guys must check out their brown range.It is superb.
5.It stays for like hours and hours and doesn’t stain much .
6.I so love the packaging .
7Even if I get all the range of this lipstick I will not have problem in taking out the right color unlike Body shop lipsticks where I have to open up all my lipstick to check out the shade.
8.There is no smell in the lipstick so all those sensitive nose girls can pick it up without worrying about the fragrance part.
This is me with Revlon Colorburst Lipstick:).I am in Friday mood today so went light with my eye make up but if you see the lipstick it look so natural .I wanted to apply some gloss but didn’t so that I can show you the right color.
Cons– Price is little high if it would have been some where around 350 or 400 I would have bought all the 20 shades.Believe me for this 😛
2.I think in summers this lipstick will have melting problem.
3.Those who have extreme dry lips may find this lipstick little dry and for that you might have to use lip balm.
Have you tried any of Revlon lipstick?Which one is your favourite lipstick brand?


  1. I am wearing colorbar eyeliner…when ever i m not in mood of much make up..i just put them on ..especially if i am wearing a dark lippiie..
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  2. Thank u Uzma..even i love colorbar eyeliner they are fab and so easy to apply too:)

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  3. If these are available in 300 i will start flying provided my weight allows me too 😛
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  4. You're right it looks very natural. I have seen these lippies in all the shops, but the price kept me from buying them 🙁
    btw, which eyeliner are you wearing. It looks lovely on you.

  5. I love these! I have it in 6 shades – Rosy Nude, Soft Rose, Blush, True Red, Raspberry & Grape. & like you I too wish I cld buy the entire series 🙂

  6. hello anamika…im new to ur blog and ur blog really helps me out in finding the best product for myself…i jus need to know the staying power of this lipstick..


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