Revlon Customeyes Eyeshadow Metallic Chic Review & Swatches


Revlon custom eyes were introduced in six shades and I being my shopoholic self couldn’t resist and bought all the six eyeshadow palette 😀

I have reviewed Revlon smokey sexy , Revlon rich temptation  and Revlon party pops before so thought of covering   025 metallic chic today


This is what Revlon claims:-

Easily create and customize the eye look you want with 4 shadows and 1 liner. For dramatic eye popping looks like never before!

  • Price INR 625
  • Packaging - Its a sleek palette which has a side open trendy flap.These are travel friendly with a sponge applicator.One side of the applicator has a usual brush and on the opposite side is a thin eyeliner sponge brush.I rarely like any sponge applicator which comes in the palettes  but this one is sturdy and it makes the eyeshadow application pretty easy.



Revlon Metallic chic custom eye  shadow & liner reviews and swatches


Metallic chic consist of four shades and one eyeliner which too is in powdered form so can be used as an eyeshadow  as well as an eyeliner.


Revlon metallic chic reviews Revlon csutom eyes metallic chic shadow & liner


Shades description(LtoR)

  • Greyish  – This shade is a warm  greyish blue which lacks bit of pigmentation.It has satiny finish and is matte in texture.
  • Green – Its a dark forest green shade with very very fine golden shimmer in it.This is one of the most pigmented  and gorgeous shades and has maximum lasting power in this palette.
  • Yellow – It’s a yellowish golden shade which is powdery and I didn’t like it much .Anyways , I am not too fond of yellow eyeshadows and neither own any other shade in MAC or any other brand.
  • Copper It’s a copper brown shade with golden sheen to it.It’s a gorgeous shade with good pigmentation .Can be used in crease or eyelid and I enjoyed using it.
  • Black – It’s sheer black shade which is chalky but when used as an eyeliner turns out well.

Revlon shadow & liner  reviews metallic chic eyeshadow reviews


On the back of the palette is a a drawing of the palette showing how to use the various shades.


Revlon custom eyes metallic chic


It has these sweater like impression engraved in them and with regular use I didn’t find any of the shade getting mixed with each other .


Metallic chic custom eyeshadow Revlon



Swatches of Revlon Custom Eye shadow & liner Metallic chic 


Yellowish gold, Copper brown, Sheer black
Revlon custom eye shadow 025 metallic chic swatches


Bluish Grey and golden darkish green (LtoR)


Revlon custom eyeshadow metallic chic shadow & Liner swatches


I used it on my eyes today and I didn’t like the yellow though sheer black worked fine as an eyeliner.


Revlon mettalic chic eyeshadow on my eyes


Will I recommend it to others – If you like the copper, green and grey in this pallete then you can otherwise it’s not a must have from this collection.

Wise She Rating :-

  • Overall – 3/5
  • Pigmentation-3/5
  • Price – 3.5/5
  • Texture – 3.5/5
  • Colours – 3.5/5
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  1. I luv the green n the copper shade!…and ita a pretty look A…but wana see the pura lid!!! u cant just gt away with doing the ASGM thingy!


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