Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner(Smokey Sexy & Metallic Chic)


Revlon Smokey Sexy/Metallic Chic  CustomEyes Shadow & Liner Duo

Revlon has introduced six CustomEyes Shadow & Liner Quads

  • Easily create and customize the eye look you want with 4 shadows and 1 liner. For dramatic eye popping looks like never before!
  • Price Rs 625

Expert tips by Revlon

  • Use the wider side to cover the eye area in shadow and the pointed end to apply the liner shade.
  • Sweet Innocence: For a special effect, dust shade 1 or 4 under the bottom of the eyes to create a soft halo effect.
  • Party Pops: When wearing bright shadows, keep face and lips understated. Opt for soft, sheer shades that let your eyes take


Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner Smokey Sexy


Smokey Sexy has three different shades of blue , one smokey black and white shimmery highlighter.
Revlon Customeyes shadow & Liner Smokey Sexy Review

The black colour is not that pigmented where as all the blues are highly  pigmented .It comes in an unusual packaging where case open on the side .


Revlon Customeyes shadow & Liner Smokey Sexy review

Swatches of Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner (Smokey Sexy)


Smokey Black, greyish blue (has slight shimmer in it), white highlighter, Royal Blue, Periwinkle blue( silverish blue with slight shimmer)(L TO R)

Revlon custome eyeshadows & liner 035 smokey sexy swatches

I swatched it just once with the brush and you can see how good the pigmentation is .


Swatches of revlon customer eyes shadow & liner smokey sexy 035

Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner (Metallic Chic)


Metallic chic has all warm tones shades which includes  pretty green and yellow .

Revlon Custome eye shadow & liner 025 metallic chic

There are easy instruction to follow at the back of each quad


Revlon 025 metallic chic customer eyeshadow

Metallic silver with subtle shimmer, dark fern green, metallic golden yellow, metallic copper with slight golden shimmer and last shade is similar to smokey black of Smokey Sexy quad  above(Lto R)

revlon custom eyeshadow & liner 025 metallic chic swatches

Swatches of Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner Metallic Chic

With Flash

Swatches of revlon custom eyeshadow & liner 025 metallic chic

Without Flash


revlon custom eyeshadow & liner 025 metallic chic swatches


Which Quad did you like?

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  1. I loved Metallic Chic in the store also! The colors are so yummy, but then I thght let me try naturally gorgeous & the purple set first – if I like those I might get this next 😀

      • All 6? I think you shd buy one first & check it out. Also not all the quads are same in quality, I have read that there is one in the lot that is a bit chalky 😛

          • Same here… Now that I have bought a palette, I don’t feel like using it coz I don’t want to disturb the pretty quilt pattern on it! But seriously, I did use the Naturally Glam one. I like 😀

            • lolz..they have some amazing everyday colours .I am not sure if i want to remove the pattern or not..havent got even one till now:sad:

  2. Revlon CustomEyes in Party Pops!! Best eye shadow set if you’re looking for long lasting eye shadows. Much long lasting than MUFE Star Power on me & with a more flattering finish. Took me 30 mins. to finally select a set since there’re so many, but it was worth it!! Tip: If you lean towards safe but still want fun, go for Metallic Chic.


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