Revlon Expressionist Diamond Lust Celestial Silver Eyeshadow Review, Swatches & EOTD


Revlon Expressionist Diamond Celestial Silver Eyeshadow 

This is my third and the last eyeshadow from the Revlon expressionist collection .I wish I could be little more rich so that I could buy all of them 😀 but anyway let me  thank God for what ever I have rather than being greedy 😀

By the way I came to know  that Revlon Westman Gucci Lip Gloss is a limited edition.Wanted to tell you all this so that you can get it before the stock lasts. Right now it is available on


Revlon expresionit eye shadow celestial silver shimmer+revlon 101 celestial eyeshadow reviews


Revlon has introduced five shades in  Revlon expressionist collection  which are as follows :-

Price – INR 500


RevlonCelestial Silver reviews+revlon expresionist eyeshadow silver eyeshadow 101


Celestial silver is a white silver shimmer which needs little more work when compared to Plum Galaxy or Night Sky. Unlike the other two it can not be worn alone as it will fall like crazy. I tried it in three following ways:-

  • I first used it alone to give a silver wash to my eyelids which hardly stayed for an hour and there was quite a bit of fall.
  • Second time I applied it on my Inglot 74 gel eyeliner (egg plant shade) and that way it stayed for around four hours on my eyelids after that I could just see tad bit of shimmer.
  • Third time I applied it wet and it looked little more pigmented and gave even application .


Swatches of Revlon Expressionist Diamond Lust Celestial Silver Eyeshadow

It has a white silver base with slight multi coloured shimmer in it. As the shade is completely white with silver shimmer, I found it little difficult to swatch it. It also has purple, green multi coloured shimmer in it which is not visible here but if you look at my eye makeup below you will definitely see the effect.


revlon expressionist celestial silver swatches+silver shimmer eyeshadow pan swatches

Shade is very smooth and soft and with the help of the sponge applicator It didn’t require much of an effort to dab it on gel eyeliner. Shade does look pretty in the inner corner of my eyes or the brow bone  because of the multicoloured effect.

Revlon 101 silver celestial silver swacthes+revlon expressionist silver celestial swatches


This is how it looks when I jut dabbed it on Inglot gel eyeliner 74 which i an eggplant shade.One can even apply it with a finger shimmer comes out pretty even.


silver shimmer revlon expresionist eyeshadow+Revlon expressionist silver shimmer eyeshadow eotd


I used a green eyeliner  on my lower lash line and Amway eyeliner pencil  Kajal  with Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara
Revlon celestial 101 silver eyeshadow EOTD+Revlon eyeshadow expressionist eotd  silver shimmer



What I like about Revlon expressionist  Calestial Shimmer Eyeshadow


  • I like how the silver looks  with it multi coloured shimmer effect.
  • One pan will last long
  • I have not seen this kind of shade in drugstore brand.


What I did not like about Revlon Expressionist Calestial Shimmer Eyeshadow


  • It doesn’t last through out the day and is little powdery.
  • Can not be used alone


Will I recommend it to others – It’s a beautiful shade but needs a little bit of effort to pull it off. I will recommend night sky and plum galaxy than this one anytime.


Wise She Rating – 3/5

  • Pigmentation -3/5
  • Price Vs Quality -2.5/5
  • Availability – 4/5(On


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  1. :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: WOWOWOWWOW do i need to say anything else ?? :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

  2. this is certainly beautiful but i cant stop raving about the purple one :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: loved it on you ana ….

  3. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: u r really damn creative ana..its gorgeous :victory: .. so decided me getting d purple one surely :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  4. Nice one…but probably not as nice as the other 2 u reviewed….this actually does seem powdery to me…

    btw, whiee’s the chashma look!? 🙂

    • I like the other two better too… but somehow you seem to make this one also tempting Ana!! You sure have lovely lovely eyes and not to forget super creative make up brains 🙂 🙂
      Zee….. you look just like how i imagined you.. except i thought you had lot mroe curlier hair!!! You are super cute Zee… and I love your teeth… me have the same type 😉 😉

  5. The effect on inglot’s purple liner is awesome..i think this shade will look beautiful if layered upon dark colors..what do you say? btw I must thank you as I just got my inglot pure amc pigment in 85 and i bought it only after checking out your review and LOVE it sooo much..its such an amazing blend of colors..its super gorgeous! thank you Ana! Keep up the good work and now I want to buy the plum shade from this range as well :lipstick: :-$ :-$

    • Parita…thank u so much for the kind words..So many girls told me that they got the gel eyeliner of Inglot after reading the review.It really makes me happy 🙂 amc pigment is gorgeous..the moment u open it u smile..isn’t?

      thanks a lot again for the encouragement 🙂

      plum is gorgeous too 🙂 and yes this shimmer is going to look great on black, blue and darker green just have to experiment with it 🙂

      • the moment i opened and swatched I literally went mad being happy 😀
        totally agree with you Ana..i am toh making my wish list and the plum one def goes into that looks gorgeous on you and love the way you experiment with color! just one color but looks so damn good!!
        btw what are you in MAC? just wanna know if plum one will look good on my skin tone..I am NC42..thanks once again!

        • I am around NC 42 only and i bet it will look good on you ..

          By the way ..there will be tonnes of inglot reviews coming up as i have shopped like crazy ..and after yur comment i m not feeling guily :D:D

          i generally try to go easy with eye makeup nowadays that way it convince everyone that they can try it out too .:) but i miss being more creative ..i have my wild makeup side too ..lolz

          • wow I am so eagerly waiting for the reviews pls start asap..sorry but when it comes to inglot i have become quite greedy 😀 i so wanna try their foundations/concealers/under makeup base and short everything 🙂 waiting for their next sale 🙂
            oh you can definitely show your wild side and m sure everyone would love to see some creative looks! btw why dont you start a youtube channel?

            • i am dying to start with them too :):).Just want to get over with Revlon collection na.. inglot is one of my fav too :):)

              you tube channel has been long pending desire day i might start doing it..

                    • aawwww so sweet of you Ana..thank you! btw i wore the 85 pigment today at work and cant help but notice myself in mirror every now and then 😛 i totally m loving it even though its a bit bold for office wear but I couldnt help myself from wearing it 😛 people are staring at me..LOL m enjoying it 😀
                      A request..pls do some everyday/office wear tutorials with inglot eyeshadows na..i’ll copy cat the same 🙂

  6. hey anamika , i hav d ones in Plum n Neptune (sort of blue green color) n trust me its awesome !! :heart:
    bt d SA told me if u use d sponge applicator wit little water d colors r vry pigmented n stays 4 a longer tym .. :-))

      • haan kya? yesterday when we saw this collection na, the SA used this with water and actually came out more pigmented…but ur wasnt as intense as the plum and the blue wala….

  7. You have used it very well Anks.. the SA kept trying to force me into buying this with her “It looks lovely on you..” Glad I stayed away. I’m thinking of getting some other shade though 😀

  8. ohk the swatch looks like salt :rotfl: i would rather get the inglot eggplant gel eyeeeeeeliner next time in the sale :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: i louuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu purpleeeeeessss :hug-makeup:

  9. looking lovely Ana 🙂 was hoping u wud review neptune star too dear. I went shopping today but this range has still not arrived lifestyle here so got Lakme Tanjore Rush eye color quartet instead 🙂 lovvvvvvvvvvvvvved it!!!!!!!!! Frm Maybelline water shine range i got a lippy ‘Burnt Shimmer’ which is a bronzed shade. got lakme 9 to 5 lippy in black currant sorbet, Maybelline color sensational in Velver Crush and Maybelline color sensational in Golden Brown.. spent about 2 hrs swatching every color in there with my 2 frnds offered their hands as swatch boards.. ha ha ha ha.

    Even hubby loved allllllllllllllllll the shades 🙂 i now got a collection of 45 lippies :dance-left-right: :rock-n-roll:

      • ya dear I will start reviewing the stuff someday soon. I hardly get evn my weekends free dear. This weekend i will surely make time for it all.

        Writing is not a problem but i need to click fotos in clear light na and mrng am in too much of hurry to complete housewrk and leav fr wrk. and evening wen am back its not good enuf lightng to click fotos.. :curse:

        This satrday hubby tld he will come early frm wrk and click fotos of swatches while i write review. he he.

        So hope my dream of reviewing on ur absolutely fantabulous, totally addictive site happens sooooooooon :lipstick:

          • yup Ana. but every review of urs is soo awesome along with the pics and alll.. ur sense of creativity, ur humble and helpful down to earth nature all ths make u soooo very loved dear. Even my colleagues have joined wise she but they are too shy to write comments so just check out the reviews 🙂

      • Zee dear I got all these cosmetics only from lifestyle dear 🙂 Maybelline water shine range i got a lippy ‘Burnt Shimmer’ which is a bronzed shade. got lakme 9 to 5 lippy in black currant sorbet, Maybelline color sensational in Velver Crush and Maybelline color sensational in Golden Brown and Tanjore rush eye color from lakme.

        He he.. did u think clothes when i said lifestyle?

        Iam a physiotherapy professor and we got to wear sarees at work to differentiate from the students 🙁

        I anyways dress up according to my attire and my students and colleague love it. he he.

        Evn the chairman joked with me sayng they want me to conduct grooming classes too now on. 😀

  10. Hey Ana-me just loved your eye makeup!! :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: But this line of shadows is pretty costly for the number of times it will actually be used :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

  11. awesome. :inlove: it can be paired with most darker shades and i can see them working wonderfully well. :-)) but me liked the other one more 😛 that goes into my wish list for march. 😀

  12. You shud become a painter 😛 The way you blend colours is simply awesome!! Inspired by you I used a pink palette for a wedding recently, and it came out decently! 😀

    • Sandhya..i am no where near a painted for sure :D:D and thanks for the kind words.

      pink wow! i love pink although they r difficult to carry.

      • Am talking about blending colours ! Whatever eye makeup you do looks very flawless! **touchwood** that way you are an artist and your palette is your paint box na – tht way you become a painter 😛

        • I wore a coral pink silk saree with yellow undertones. and the eye shadows werent too bright.. Thankfully it blended well 🙂 I will redo the same thing and send you a pic over the weekend. You tell me how it looked. 🙂

  13. As usual gorgeous Anamika! you know when i was checking these shadows out, night sky and prune galaxy were the obvious choices (i picked up prune galaxy btw) and twhen i saw this i was like how would i ever use this.. now you ve given me the perfect idea… use it as a shimmer on dark matte shadows! 🙂 yay! thankoooooooooo :D:D

  14. this is again beautiful like the inglot shimmer you did an EOTD once 🙂 Wow
    but I am in love with the previous plum shade, just can’t get over that beautifuuuul color :hypnotized:

  15. Hi Ana. I have been reading your blog along since the last 01 year and I must congratulate you on doing such a fine work. I really like the fact that your blog is not covered with Chanel’s, Diors and Gucci and all that. Frankly i cant afford such staff and I always look for products in my pocket friendly range. Your blog is really relatable to women of all income group. Please keep up the good work.


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