Revlon Expressionist Gucci Lip Gloss Bordeaux In Snow Review & Swatches


Revlon Expressionists by Gucci Westman Lip Palette

Getting a mini travel size lipgloss compartment which has four lip glosses on its top and a compartment below which can pull out and has a beautiful lipstick – sounded like a deal to me especially from Revlon where a single lipgloss costs INR 600 .

Revlon Expressionist Gucci Lipgloss has been recently launched in India in Revlon expressionist collection.I have already reviewed Revlon Expressionist eyeshadow from this collection in Night Sky and Plum Galaxy which are just too pretty. I am loving the collection already.

About Revlon Expressionist Gucci Lipgloss Bordeaux

Get the look with Expressionists. Available in limited edition Bordeaux in the snow. Apply the deep Bordeaux all over cream color on the bottom of palette to lips and cheeks for a pop of fall expression. Complete the look with any of the four lip glosses on top of the compact for glossy shine.

  • Price -INR 725 (Around $6.99 abroad ).

Revlon Expressionist Gucci Lip Gloss reviews+Revlon expressionist Gucci Lip gloss reviews

Packaging of the product is really interesting .It has four lipgloss fitted in the upper case where there is a beautiful Fuchsia pink , Silver shimmer , nude and a transparent lip gloss.

In the lower compartment which needs to be pulled out has a mini lip brush and its a egg plant colour in a round form.

Revlon gucci lipgloss expressionist reviews+Gucci expressionist lip gloss reviews

  • Texture – All the four lipgloss are thick in consistency and are not light weight. It is easy to pick them up from the mini brush. Texture of the lipstick is quite drying and I needed to swipe the lipstick brush 2-3 times to pick the colour in the brush.
  • Fragrance – I find it almost fragrance free 🙂

I like all the four shade of the lipgloss and they suit me well. Fuchsia pink looks quite pretty and covers pigmentation well and when I add silver shimmer lip gloss over it for a change and it looks fab.

Revlon expressionist lipgloss reviews+revlon lip gloss+revlon expressionist reviews

Swatches – (Lto R) Fuchsia pink lip gloss, nude brown lip gloss, Transparent, and silver shimmer.Last one is a matte wine shade.

Revlon expressionist gucci lip glos swatches+revlon product reviews+lipgloss revlon

Fuchsia pink shade covers pigmentation easily and I love how it looks on my lips. As this is a darker shade, it stays for 3-4 hours easily on my lips and if I have a meal in between then the tint stays. This is most long staying shade amongst  all.

Revlon expressionist gucci lip gloss on my lips shade pink

This is how it looks when I dab some silver shimmer lip gloss over the Fuchsia pink shade.

Revlon Expressionists by Gucci Westman Lip Palette shade pink with shimmer

As the lipstick shade is too drying, I apply the nude lipgloss and then topped the wine lipstick shade over it 🙂 This stayed for 2 hours maximum on my lips when I just dabbed it lightly. One can increase the pigmentation by layering it more as per choice.

Revlon Gucci lipgloss expressionist on my lips marron

This is the nude lip gloss shade and it’s one nude which suits me beautifully. Finally a nude shade which turns out good for me ..yeyye!

Gucci Westman's New Expressionists Lip Gloss Palette for Revlon

What I like about Revlon Expressionist Gucci Lip Gloss:-


  • Generally when we buy a lipgloss set few shades suit us while the rest just  keep lying ,but in this one almost all shades suit me 🙂
  • Sturdy Packaging and fragrance free
  • Decent staying power
  • Five shades in one set so I find it worth the price! Of course Rs 100-200 less would have made it more lovable

What I do not like about Revlon Expressionist Gucci Lip Gloss:-


  • Lipstick shade is too drying
  • I have to clean the brush all the time to dip it into another shade otherwise it get transferred.
  • Quantity of the lipgloss is quite less(looks a lot though).One lip gloss will last for 7-8 uses.

Recommendation – I like the mini lip gloss set. Shades are beautiful and will suit most skin tones. If you travel a lot then this will help you out 🙂

Overall – 4/5

  • Pigmentation – 4/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 4/5

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  1. wow d swatches n on ur lips all of dem luks beautiful :inlove: ..i didnt buy bcoz of d shimmer wala gloss..but u used it perfectly. definitely dis one is a steal at 700 :drool: :drool:

  2. Cool! i saw this tday but wanted t wait for ur review on it..its such a handy thing to have na?

    u think it wud be ok for my dry lips A?

  3. ohh. i saw this today in sum online site and was thinking what exactly it is. 😛 Now i know. 😉 looks awesome on u Ana. I quite like the lipstick shade too. :inlove:

    • for eyes..? u mean the bottom shade Neeraj because the rest four shades are lip gloss which will be to heavy and sticky for the eyes

  4. nice rating………… :-)) ………….. bt pricely… though there are 5 shades………. :kissblow: ………….. i’ll think in next winter abt it…. 😉 😉

  5. wooohooo anamika i missed so much these couple of days.. kitne saare posts se I am lagging 😛 let me start reading them one by one… btw saw this today but wasn’t sure if it’ll be good… so glad u reviewed it 🙂

  6. initially i was in doubt too but my heart thought that it will be good 😀

    SAM- its not that late to catch up the rest of the posts :

  7. this is looking awesome ana ….. i was confused as to try this or not ?? thank you for sharing this honey … purple e/s and this is joining in my wish list :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  8. I liked the palette too – esp the mauvy lip gloss & the berry toned lippie. The shades have been chosen very carefully & I think this will look good on most women. 🙂

  9. They look quite good Anu..and the lipstick colour although looks dark in the pan looks good on application…loved that nude shade.. :-))

  10. Hiyya gals! Am back from a long vacation, was catching up with all posts. Saw Zee’s pics :). All u gals look lovely! Love u Zee! we’ll meet up sometime. Pune Wiseshe’ers…


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