Makeup Remover-Revlon Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Review


By Shreya,                Eye makeup remover by Revlon – Revlon Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Review

Since the time I got Revlon eye & lip makeup remover I have not switched to any till now.It is  a must have product which I keep near to my bed all the time.


Price Rs 160 for 60 ml

revlon eye and lip makeup remover review

Revlon makeup remover is immensely creamy which remove every trace of make up from my skin.Now I don’t struggle hard in removing any  waterproof mascara or eyeliner.With this it suits my skin without causing any breakouts or irritation.Thanks to this make up remover I don’t suffer from  red eyes anymore.:)



Eye and lip Makeup remover by revlon -Review


Because of its creamy consistency one doesn’t need much of the product and one tube lasts for 2-3 months easily.It comes in a squeeze tube packaging which I can slide into my bag without  worrying

Ingredients of Revlon Eye & Lip Makeup remover – It does contain mineral oil so I one does need a test patch before using it.

Best eye makeup remover by revlon


Below here I have  swiped few of my eyeliners .The black eyeliner is Lakme eye artist pen and few colored eyeliner  of colorbar and Revlon


eye makeup remover by revlon

You can see that with just two swipe all the eyeliners got wiped away.



revlon makeup remover

and just one more swipe and there is no trace of makeup left on my hand.


revlon makeup remover price

One doesn’t need harsh rubbing while using this makeup remover.I find it so good that I use it on my face also and I have not experience any kind of break out or skin problem.

It leaves my skin soft and sometime when I am lazy I just use it  and go to sleep.It leaves my skin soft and supple and effects stays whole night.

Only thing which one needs to be careful of is to not to let the product enter eyes.If ever by mistake it does then eyes needs immediate washing as it burns like hell.

Rating -4/5

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  1. shreya… stings eyes…..???then hw do u manage to remove liner from ur waterline without the product enetering into the eye….???

  2. Khadi Prerana :rotfl: :rotfl: Khadi should make you the brand ambassador and Fab India should make Anamika their brand ambassador… 😀

  3. Then make me the brand ambassador of Apple (the company. Explanation for some datty minds who will readily give me the fruit) :smug:

  4. I dont feel comfortable using any chemical wale removers…i like my good old oils…olive, sesame, almond..i tried this Garnier remover but then skin dint feel nourished as it feels with oils( considering that i am oily skinned)

  5. Mitra, I cannot afford all their prodcuts na :(( I can always buy make up coz even MAC is not that costly. But imagine if I get a Macbook, Ipod, Ipad all free, free free 😀 😀


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