Revlon eyeliner – Revlon colorstay eyeliner review and swatches


                                       Revlon colorstay sparkling eyeliner review 

Why I bought it – Revlon colorstay eyeliner range is quiet popular abroad and when I saw them I thought of trying sparkling eyeliner as I was looking for a glitter eyeliner or a type of it in pencil form.I got the mauve spark colour eyeliner in this

Price of Revlon colorstay sparkling eyeliner is Rs390or

My experience with the product:-

When I swatched this product on my hand it comes out really nice but when I apply it on my eyelids it is no where to be seen.This is because I have oily eyelids but this has never happened to me with other eyeliner such as Maybelline or colorbar which are much cheaper than Revlon.I did my make up tutorial with this eyeliner you can check it out here.

Revlon colorstay eyeliner swatches:-

What I liked aboutRevlon colorstay eyeliner review:-

1. It doesn’t irritate my eyes

What  I do not like  aboutRevlon colorstay eyeliner review:-

1. I got lot of complaints as it just doesn’t show on my eyelids.

When I applied it after applying eye shadows I felt as if I am joking with myself.I really have to put extra pressure on my eyes to make it appear on my upper lash line.

2. It is comparatively higher in price when compared to other popular eyeliner .

3. Even if it sometimes show on my eyes it vanishes off quickly after an hour.


Will I recommend it to others – If you see the swatches above  it looks as if it is quiet pigmented and has subtle sparkle in it.This is because my skin there is not oily .So I think it will go well on those who have dry eyes.

Rating – 2/5(Doesn’t work for me at all

Have you tried Revlon colorstay Sparkling eyeliner.Did you experienced the same?


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  1. Uzma they have vitamin e moisturizer for dry skin as friend uses it who has dry is working well on her..

    Sadly Fab India doesn't have any products update on their website.::(

  2. hey very pretty shade:) … i have not seen revlon pencil …. i do have revlon colorstay twist up pencils and they r awesome .. but the color you mentioned is just so WOWWWW 🙂

  3. What a lovely shade, pity it doesn't last at all.. Will steer clear of this shade.. I have this pencil in mysterious brown & Smokey green.. They both are pretty ok, they last for a good 4-5 hours and are also intensely pigmented. You could try those 🙂
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