Revlon High Intensity Eye shadow Palette in Glamour Girl Review & Swatches


Revlon High Intensity Eye shadow Palette in Glamour Girl

Hi Sweeties!

Is there anyone out here like me who wants to own eye shadow palettes from Sleek makeup yet not to able to do so due to shipping, unavailability or custom issues? In India, we have very limited options when it comes to makeup. Good makeup stuff costs a bomb, and many things are not available in India.


Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette Glamour Girl


So check this palette from Revlon which comes in 4 different variants with wide range of shades.

Four variants are:

  • -Blissful Girl
  • -Glamour Girl
  • -Party Girl
  • -Romantic Girl

About Revlon High Intensity Eye shadow Palette:

  • These ultra intense shadows contain micro-pulverized pigments for ultra-smooth contours and layering
  • Color that’s purer than pure, truer than true
  • Made in Paris

Price- Rs 825 for 14.3 g.


Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette Ingredients


My Take on Revlon High Intensity Eye shadow Palette in Glamour Girl:

Packaging: Revlon High Intensity Eye shadow Palette in Glamour Girl eye shadow comes in a black sleek classic sturdy palette form. It encases 8 shadows alongwith a dual ended sponge tip eye shadow applicator and a huge mirror lodged at the inner side of the cover. The entire information alongwith ingredient list is mentioned at the back of the plastic carton cover in which the palette comes with. I quite liked the classic black packaging. Its sturdy but it won’t be able to avoid damage if it falls down.

Shades: Revlon High Intensity Eye shadow Palette in Glamour Girl eye shadow palette has 8 different colors:


Revlon 8 color Eyeshadow Palette Glamour Girl



  • -Pearl Yellow: Its a frosty pearl shade with yellow tones, its the most shimmery shade in entire range. It can be used in the inner corners and as a highlighter for brow bone area.
  • -Surf Blue: It a very intense surf blue shade with pearlescent finish.
  • -Baby Pink- Its a frosty baby pink shade which does not show up as pink on my pigmented lids. It looks more or less like a highlighter on me.
  • -Blackened Khaki: Its very pretty khaki shade with a blackened hue to it. It has pearlescent finish.


  • Silver Grey: Its another fantastic shade for smokey eyes. This is intensely pigmented and has pearlescent finish.
  • Burgundy: Its an amazingly gorgeous deep burgundy shade with pearlescent finish.
  • Forest Green: Its a unique forest green shade which is not easily dupable. It looks fabulous on my brown hazel eyes. This too comes with pearlescent finish.
  • Bronze Brown: This is a nicely pigmented bronzy brown shade with shimmers and comes with pearlescent finish. Its much more softer than other shadows.

Pigmentation: All the shades are madly pigmented. 😀 I really don’t have to swipe the shadows more than twice. Even without a primer all the shades show up clearly on my pigmented lids.

Texture & Finish: All the shadows have soft blendable texture, there are no matte shades in this palette which is a huge disappointment. Most of the shades come with pearlescent finish except two shades which are frosty. These shadows have very finely milled shimmers embedded in them. All the shadows are silky soft with no chalkiness. Shadows blend nicely within seconds.


Revlon Eyeshadow Palette 8 color Glamour Girl


Longevity: These shadows last on my eyes for 4 hours+ without a primer quite easily. After 4 hours, I have experienced creasing and little fall out. However, I feel this issue can be resolved when these are used underneath a good eye primer.

What I liked about Revlon High Intensity Eye shadow Palette in Glamour Girl:

  • -Packaging is sleek and classy.
  • -Glamour girl has combination of some really pretty shades.
  • -Some 4 palettes are available in this range.
  • -All the eye shadows are richly pigmented.
  • -There is no need of any primer underneath.
  • -There is little fall out with these shadows.
  • -Texture of all shadows is very soft.
  • -All the shades blend nicely.
  • -They have a wear time of 4+ hours with minimal creasing.
  • -These are quite affordable palettes in India.
  • -Quantity provided is really huge.
  • -A huge mirror is provided with it.

What I did not like about Revlon High Intensity Eye shadow Palette in Glamour Girl:

  • -One or two shades are too frosty for my liking.
  • -Not available at all Revlon counters.
  • -The dual ended foam tip eye shadow applicator provided with it is pretty useless.
  • -No matte shades are included in this palette. 🙁


  • Packaging: 4.25 out of 5
  • Shades: 4.5 out of 5
  • Pigmentation: 4.75 out of 5
  • Texture & Finish: 4.5 out of 5
  • Longevity: 4.5 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Glamour Girl swatches


Will I repurchase it? I really love this palette and I also have another palette from this range called Blissful girl which is a fantastic palette for smoky eyes makeup. I think if ever I would be able to finish this product, I would definitely buy another of this beauty.

My Overall Recommendation: Many of us love sleek compact and awesome range of eye shadow palettes that Sleek makeup offers, but due to its unavailability in India most of us do not have much options left. Guys if you are looking for affordable compact eye shadow palettes with intense pigmentation and wide range of shades, then definitely check the high intensity eye shadow palettes from Revlon. They have some 4 different palettes in this range. Highly Recommended. !

Have you tried Revlon High Intensity Eye shadow Palette in Glamour Girl ?

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  1. The pigmentation is wow! :yes: Taps, try luxola for sleek pallettes. I had d same probs as u regardin orderin sleek products but luxola changed all that :-))

    • Thanks nafisa, yes dear u r right, luxola is a boon for we all makeup lovers 😀 it offers COD option 2 :), thts the best thing we cud hv asked 4

    • Yes dear, these r richly pigmented 🙂 very nice palettes they have, som4 u palette r thr in this range, i have two out of them 🙂 thank u very much


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