Revlon Kohl Eyeliner Pencil Review & Swatches


Revlon Kohl/Kajal Eyeliner Pencil


Does Virat Kohli remind you of kohl? No?? Okay, maybe you’re not all that beauty obsessed. Or maybe it’s just that I simply could not think of an intro and typed out the first question that came to my messed-up mind 😛 :silly:


Revlon Kohl Kajal


About Revlon Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil:

  • Lines eyes with intense matte color
  • Glides on softly and smoothly for a rich kohl look
  • Suitable for application on the inner rim of the eye
  • Works best in both hot and humid climates

Quantity:  1.15gms

Price: INR 199

Shelf life: 30 months from mfg date

Ingredients: Not mentioned anywhere. Not even a single key ingredient :-/


revlon kajal eyeliner



It is a standard wooden pencil that has Revlon’s trademark black background with gold lettering. The black, plastic cap can be secured tightly and it will not open up in your bag. It comes sealed in a blister packaging carrying the product details. One aspect that I really like is that the expiry date in printed on the body of the pencil. :yes: Really wish every company out there would do the same.

Shade description: Yes, you guessed it: It’s black! 😛

Fragrance: No discernible scent as such

Texture: Has a lovely smooth, creamy texture and it simply glides on to skin without ever tugging


revlon eyeliner pencil


Finish: It has beautiful matte finish that I really love since am not too fond of glossy liners

Pigmentation: Intensely pigmented and you get rich color pay-off in a single swipe.


revlon kohl kajal swatch


Staying power: The weather was on the drier side when I first started using this and it did not budge the entire day! I was amazed at how well it stayed put on my waterline since most kohls simply evaporate from my waterline within an hour or two :struggle:  Had I written this review a few months ago I would have rated this as an awesomely long-lasting kohl. But once the weather turned a bit hot and humid, the story changed. Although the color did not completely fade, it did smudge crazily. At times, when I’d lined only my upper lash line and left my waterline bare, I noticed color on my lower lashline after a while indicating that the color had transferred. Another fact is that, the color may smudge when worn in a single swipe or two. But more swipes, and you get pretty good lasting power.

Performance: Like I mentioned earlier, this stays put when the weather is fine. Unlike it claims of working “best in both hot and humid climates”, this does not hold all that well in humid weather. Maybe it’s just my oily skin, but this smudges and transfers. Having said that, I still think this pencil works beautifully for smoky-eye looks. :yes: It’s very easy to smudge with a brush without having to pull or tug at your lids. Once set with eyeshadow, this will easily survive 5 to 6 hours.


revlon kohl eye liner


Side-effects if any: I have very sensitive eyes and this has never irritated my eyes. I wear this on my waterline and upper lash line almost every single day and have been doing so for many months now and have not faces any issues so far.

The color is blacker and more richly pigmented that it appears in the above swatches

What I like about Revlon Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil:

  • Intensely pigmented
  • Glides smoothly without ever tugging
  • Despite being creamy, the tip does not break off during application or while sharpening
  • Lovely matte finish
  • Lasts all day when worn in multiple swipes
  • Excellent for smoky eye looks
  • Is waterline-safe. Can be used by those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • No discernible fragrance
  • Mfg & expiry dates are printed on the body of the pencil
  • The wood used if of good quality and is easy to sharpen
  • Reasonable priced for the quality
  • Easily available

What don’t I like about Revlon Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil:

  • Smudges and transfers particularly on oily skin and in humid weather
  • Not waterproof
  • Needs to be sharpened
  • No mention of any ingredient whatsoever

To learn how to apply kohl the dramatic way, do check out this post here

Rating: 4.3/5

Final thoughts:

This kohl has good color pay-off, creamy-smooth in application and sets to an alluring matte finish. It is non-irritating on sensitive eyes like mine and does not ever cause my eyes to water even when worn on the waterline all day long. It does smudge and sometimes transfer, but then nearly all kohls/kajals are designed to do smudge. So even though I listed it in the cons, I will not hold it against this product. If you love sporting smoky eyes, you’re sure to love this pencil. If you’re looking for a crisp eyeliner that will not budge all day, you will have to layer an eyeshadow over this or else look for other options available.

We have an interesting video for  you to check out

Have you tried Revlon Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil?

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  1. Enjoyed reading the review-it is so detailed and covers every point…the product good and the review makes it a must buy for me.Thanx Naf.

  2. loved your review Nafisa… and single swipe gives such a great pigmented color..! 🙂
    temme from where did you get this?? any online portal?? :confused:


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