Revlon Luxurious Colour Smoky Crayon Photos & Swatches


Revlon Luxirous Colour Smoky Crayon

Get a smoky eye effect with creamy rich color.Silky smooth formula glides on eyes for luxurious application.

  • Price – Rs 550 for 1.0gm


-For smoky look, fill in lid with crayon and blend.
-For a more defined look, sharpen tip with pull-out sharpener.

Revlon has introduced exact dupe of  MAC grease paint .

Revlon luxirious colour smoky crayon review


It has a fat tip which helps in giving smokey eyes easily.There is a small sharpener which is inside the cap with the help of which one can sharpen the tip for thin line.

Revlon Luxirious Colour smoky crayon, 007 bronze smoke, 006 black smoke

Swatches of Revlon Luxirous colour smoky crayon

007 Bronze Smoke

006 Black Smoke

Swatches of revlon luxirious colour smokey crayon007 bronze smoke, 006 black smoke


These are highly pigmented and might smudge  .I love using MAC smolder as it helps in giving the best of smoky look but it  smudge  badly.

Swatches of revlon luxirous colour smokey crayon 006 black smoke


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  1. nice review….bt i like maybelline collossal kohl….it does nt smudge and is pigmented too…so will continue using it

    • i didnt liked maybelline colossal that much.. i didnt find it as dark and pigmented as i like my kajal to be 🙁

  2. I just hope even with the pigmentation, they work well as eye liners bcoz I dont do up my lids all the time, but lining..I love! 🙁


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