Revlon Moisture Stay Lipstick Nutty Review & Swatches


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I usually avoid brown lipsticks..I even go so far as to stay away from brown-sounding names. The minute the SA starts to bring out a shade called ‘coffee’ or ‘raisin’ or ‘nut’ I screech at her to put it back before I see it. I hate browns that much..So why did I pick up this Revlon shade whose name itself is Nutty?? Well, 7 words.. ”Airport-Delayed flight-Time to kill- Cosmetics countersÒ€. Now it makes sense doesn’t it? And it’s one of the times my timepass browsing had a fruitful result and I came out with a new shade I adore πŸ™‚

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revlon moisturestay lipstick in nutty review

About Revlon Moisturestay Lipsticks

  • High shine, long wear lip color that helps the lips to stay soft and smooth.
  • Vitamin enriched formula that nourishes heals dry, cracked lips.
  • Menthol lends a cooling effect to soothe lips.
  • Moisture stays even after you take the color off.

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revlon moisturestay lipstick in nutty review+ revlon

My experience with Revlon Moisturestay Lipstick in Nutty:-


  • Color: This shade swatches as a rust brown shade on my hand. It has a very obvious orange undertone which saves it from being a boring run-of-the-mill brown lipstick.

revlon moisturestay lipstick in nutty review+ revlon moisturestay lipstick


Revlon moisturestay lipstick price & Texture:-

  • Price: INR 710 for 1.7gms
  • Coverage & Pigmentation: This is a full coverage lipstick although I usually just swipe a single time on my lower lip and then rub both lips together to distribute evenly. Pigmentation is fabulous and it gives a color payoff to make Revlon proud!

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revlon moisturestay lipstick in nutty review+ revlon lipstick

  • Texture: The range itself is names Moisture stay and moisturizing is exactly what this is. I don’t need to use a lip balm underneath and it still looks all glossy and soft. It glides on easily as well and doesn’t settle into liplines unless you layer on 5-6 layers of this πŸ˜‰
  • Staying Power: This lipstick stays on my lips for about 3-4hrs and then starts fading. It does leave an orange tint behind though so my lips never feel bereft of color πŸ™‚

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revlon moisturestay lipstick in nutty review+ revlon lipstick swatch


One thing I should mention is that when I just apply this lipstick, I feel this cooling sensation …somewhat like a minty effect. Usually minty effect lippies tend to make my lips dry out but this doesn’t do that at all. Also, my lips are very sensitive and get chapped easily..But even then this lipstick didn’t chap my lips or make them look ragged in any way.



revlon moisturestay lipstick in nutty review+ revlon nutty lipstick swatch


The one and only thing I didn’t like about this lippy is the cost. I don’t mind shelling out for a good quality lipstick but 710 bucks for just 1.7gms of product is robbery. I happened to see the quantity only while doing the review. I hadn’t checked it before and I was a bit shocked to see this…

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revlon moisturestay lipstick in nutty review+ revlon nutty swatch

What I like about Revlon Moisturestay Lipstick in Nutty:

  • I love that this is not a common brown. It has a beautiful orange undertone which is priceless πŸ™‚
  • Has a glossy finish.
  • I don’t have to use a lipbalm underneath
  • Doesn’t sink into the lip lines.
  • Has a silky-soft feel to it.
  • Good pigmentation
  • Good staying power


What I don’t like about Revlon Moisturestay Lipstick in Nutty:

  • Price vs. quantity leaves a lot o be desired..


Rating:  4.5/5


Have you tried the Revlon Moisturestay Lipstick in Nutty?

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  1. woww absolutely adorable shade :lipstick: looks amazing on you :inlove: but I don’t think it’s kind of a shade i’ll use often and I don’t wanna spend 700 bucks for a shade which i will hardly use, although i loved it, i know i’ll end up with a full tube of the expired lipstick after sometime :rotfl:

  2. such a fab shade .. Zee and i finally get to see my beloved lotd !!! Yippee !!!!
    Alcoholic in me got 2 liquor shades in this – wine and run sheen .. !!!! they are so soft, creamy, glossy and coverage is so wow !!!!

      • yeah! the sec one is RUM sheen, typo!! ur poem is not with me cause i din see ur face .. post fotd for poems !! i can sing a song instead! slightly modified for this post.. remember that song from umrao jaan, asha’s voice and rekha’s adaayein ?? :sigh: i’ll go and DL asha’s hits today!

        In honton ki masti mein, mastane hazaron hai, afsane hazaron hai.. that’s my song of the day, dedicated to ur still healing lips! :-*


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