Revlon Party Pops customeyes shadow and liner duo,Swatches & EOTD


Revlon Party Pops CustomEyes Shadow & Liner Palette

Party pops as the name suggest has vibrant party shades .I simple loved the colours of this eyeshadow palette but the problem is they all are powdery and even if I use a eye primer underneath they don’t show up much 🙁

  • Easily create and customize the eye look you want with 4 shadows and 1 liner. For dramatic eye popping looks like never before!
  • Price INR  625

Revlon Party pop eyeshadow Review

Moment I use to start blending  eyeshadow will fade away  so the pigmentation is a big problem in this palette.I  then thought of using it wet and there was some relief.I am simply in love with the shades therefore I tried hard to make it work for me 🙁

There are five eyeshadow in the palette although Revlon says that each palette has four eyeshadow and one eyeliner but I find no differentiation in five of them

  • Packaging – Its a sleek palette which has a side open trendy flap.These are travel friendly with a sponge applicator.One side of the applicator has a usual brush and on the opposite side is a thin eyeliner sponge brush.I rarely like any sponge applicator which comes in the palettes  but this one is sturdy and it makes the eyeshadow application pretty easy.

Revlon Custom Eyeshadow Party Pops Review & Swatches

Not only shades lack pigmentation but they are chalky and powdery as well  and it is no where comparable to Revlon CustomEyes smokey sexy.

Revlon Eyeshadow Palette


Shades of Revlon CustomEyes Shadow & Liner Party Pops

I hate to describe chalky  shade 🙁

  •  Light Coral – This colour was most difficult to deal as it didn’t show much on my eyes and needed application two or three times.
  • Orchid Colour – Average and nice to use
  • Periwinkle – I use it as a highlighter as mentioned in the palette and I enjoyed using this kind of highlighter for the first time.
  • Greenish Tea– This is the most beautiful girl of the palette and I love the way it pops ups.
  • Medium Purple – I like the shade and when used wet on the lower lash line it looks fab but then we do have more pigmented eyeliner than this isn’t?:P


Revlon eyeshadow palette

 Swatches of Revlon Custom Eyes Shadow & Liner Party Pops

I have swatched all the shades once and you can see that green and the orchid colour is the most pigmented one in all the five.

 Swatches of Revlon Custom Eyes Eye Shadow Party Pops Palette

Party Pops   Swatches in different light

Revlon Custom eyes eye shadow party pops swatches



I followed the makeup steps as described in the palette and did this every day eye makeup today.I barely could figure out coral on my eyes however I did manage to build up other shades.



Eye makeup with Revlon Custom Eyes Eye Shadow Party Pops


  • Will I recommend it to others Shade of this eyeshadow palette are pretty average in pigmentation and  sadly these kind of eyeshadow shades are rarely seen in drugstore brands so I don’t mind keeping it with me for occasional use.If you want to choose one eyeshadow palette from all the six available in Revlon customeyes shadow  then this should not be the one


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  1. Greenish tea and medium purple r so pwetty..but they do luk chalky…i guess this is more of a hit n miss kinda palette…will hav t work extra hard t make these work na?

  2. hey you have done such a pretty eye makeup though you have mentioned in ur post that working with shades was so difficult….

    thanx for review btw me too hate chalky eye shades…

    • if u see i did try applying orange but it is no where to seen and i have just pressed the eyeshadow and there was minimal blending 🙁

  3. Actually more than a party colour it seems like a funsunny day palette….colours seem bright and peppy…i liked the coral one in particualy…you can probablu use coral with brown for a beautiful day time smokey…

  4. yeah thats what i thought if i have to buy only one i will def grab the smokey blue one that was good looking and moreover the combo’s could be endless :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


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