Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup Photos & Swatches


The PhotoReady Compact Makeup is designed to provide perfected, poreless skin in any light with an easy-to-use compact cream makeup. This unique compact uses a liquefying screen to instantly turn cream into a weightless, blendable liquid offering smooth, even coverage with a soft powder finish that’s perfect in any light.


* Cream makeup that transforms to liquid using built-in liquefying screen
* Photochromatic pigments blend, reflect and diffuse light to help erase flaws
* Full, yet undetectable coverage
* Soft powder finish
* SPF 20
* Oil Free, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free

Shades: Vanilla, Shell, Natural Beige, & Caramel

Price of Revlon Photoready compact Makeup is  Rs. 900/-

Review Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup

Revlon’s Photoready compact makeup has a  special new  “Liquefying Screen”, which, according the the packaging “Cream makeup instantly liquefies for complete coverage and superior blendability. Lightweight powder finish. Perfected airbrushed skin in any light.”


Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup Rreview

Revlon compact makeup comes with a rectangular sponge and has a compact mirror attached to it.It has this liquefying screen which you can see in the picture below.

The liquefying screen transfers the product into liquid form which when I tested on my skin gave sheer coverage.

Revlon has introduced 4 shades in PhotoReady Compact Makeup

This one is Revlon photoReady compact makeup  caramel which was the darkest shade there.

Revlon Photoready Caramel Review

2. Revlon PhotReady compact shade Natural Beige


Revlon Photoready Natural Beige Review

3. Revlon PhotoReady compact shade Vanilla

Revlon Photready compact Vanilla review

4.Revlon PhotoReady compact shade shell

Revlon Photoready Compact shell review

Swatches of Revlon PhotoReady compact


Swatches of Photoready  compact makeup

Foundation is fragrance free and parabean free with SPF 20 .It is one of the fast moving product nowadays but somehow I didn’t like the liquidify packaging.You can see all the above pieces too were having foundation all around them .If you are some one who prefer to use sponge in their foundation then it might be of your liking.

I found 10gm of product for Rs 900 pretty expensive too 🙁

Have you used Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup?

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  1. I haven’t seen this around here, but maybe I would try a stippling brush? Sponges are so unhygienic!

    What shade matches you anamika 🙂

  2. I am using this for more than a month (only occasionally) but I love this ! The best I ve used till date. Gives decent coverage and can suit oily people very well. Me loves this and would give a 4 :-* :-* :-* :-* /5 ! -1 for the very little shade selection. I am using a darker one but still much better than anyother foundation !

      • oops I thought mine got missed and posted one again so erase the second one Anamika 🙂 ! No acne problems now but still black spots from my previous battles ! This one blends with my skin and I love it for being so natural ! I wore it for my bride seeing stuff and people seemed pretty impressed :rotfl:

  3. Good that you have a tech savvy person to help you 😀 I’ve heard these blogs can be maddening with tech issues. But never thought it would be so much work 🙁

  4. it is not that much of work but yes techie hubby is always an advantage..but poor fellow helps me when he is back from work 🙂

  5. Sometimes it always helps. 🙂 Even in our case, in spite of both being techies, either of us are at a dead end for some issues and the other one helps out 🙂 It may be a simple one but with the stress everything slips our mind :((
    And I accept.. all s/w enggs have to work their brains off at work :(( It must be really nice of him to help you out 🙂

    • yup he has helped me a lot and has been my support in whole of my blogging journey.touch wood:) and like a humble person he rarely comes out in open 🙂

      cant believe i am praising my hubby that too after 2 years of marriage :D:D


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