Revlon Scented Nail Polish Mon Cherry Review


I have no idea why I ignored Revlon nail polishes for so long… but now that I have started looking at the colors, I have discovered a veritable treasure trove. In my recent venture, I bought 4 of them. This is the first one. It’s called Mon Cherry.


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About Revlon Scented Nail Polish Mon Cherry:-

Get ready for gorgeous nails with Revlon Scented Nail Enamel! Each application delivers gorgeous smooth, chip-resistant colour to nails.

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  • Price: INR 150/-
  • Quantity: 8 ml


Revlon Scented Nail Polish Mon Cherry Review+revlon nail polish


My experience with Revlon Scented Nail Polish Mon Cherry:-


Okay, so yes, the shade name is what attracted me in the first place. It’s a take on the French monchere(meaning, my dear) and I was smitten with the intense cherry color of the nail polish.

The name as well as the color, though.  It is so classic a color that I fell in love with it. Intensely cherry colored, the nail polish totally won my heart at the first sight, and I bought it.


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The packaging is the classic Revlon one, and yes, the package never really goes out of fashion. When you open, the soft brush applicator and the large handle makes it pretty easy for the user to apply the nail polish without a single problem. I have realized that while one coat of this color gives a pretty intense shade, the color emerges when you apply two coats. In the swatches, I have applied one coat in one, and two in the next, and believe me, I love both the effect. Its classy, sexy red that suits my yellow-toned skin very well and it is a great color to carry off this season. I use it both for my hand and feet and the color looks very sexy.


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The scented claim is true, although, the smell might not be to the liking of sensitive noses. However, it is a chirpy bubblegum smell which hits you once the nail polish gets dry, and it stays a day or two, if you are not eating with that hand of yours. I generally am a knife and fork girl, so I found that the smell lingered.


Revlon Scented Nail Polish Review+revlon nail


About the staying power, I have to say it is quite good. It does not chip for 2 days, and the first picture I have taken are after applying just one coat. The second one is after applying two coats.  Also, after removal, this does not stain my nails yellow, like many nail polishes (including Colorbar) does to me.


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What I like about Revlon Scented Nail Polish Mon Cherry :-

  • Intense color
  • Great applicator
  • Scent lasts for a day or so
  • Lasting power is pretty good
  • Available virtually everywhere


What I don’t like about Revlon Scented Nail Polish Mon Cherry :-


  • Sensitive noses might find the smell slightly overwhelming

Rating: 4.5/5

 Have you tried Revlon Scented Nail Polish Mon Cherry ?


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