Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 127 Pure Attraction Review & Swatches



By Debarati Ghosh

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pure Attraction

Hi all beautiful girls. How are you all? Today I am going to review a lipstick from Revlon Super Lustrous range. The shade is – pure attraction and this belongs to the frost series of super lustrous range. Go through the full review to know if it is a worth buying or not.


revlon lustrous lipstick pure attraction


Price – 550 INR for 4.2 g

My experience with Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 127 Pure Attraction :

Packaging- this comes in a black container with a golden ring in between the container and the cap. Revlon brand name is engraved on that golden part. The packaging is very gorgeous and classy. It is also very travel friendly.


revlon lustrous pure attraction


Color , texture and pigmentation- Revlon super lustrous lipstick in pure attraction belongs to the frost range so this contains shimmer in it and OMG it contains so many shimmers which are too irritating for me. Some lipsticks from their frost series contain less shimmer but this one is too shimmery. Those shimmer particles start to roam here and there around the lips. Color wise it is frosty pink and it is not a vibrant color at all. This is a very cool shade and this pales out my face as well.

Pigmentation is not good at all as it does not cover my pigmented lips. I have to swipe it 4-5 times to even show a hint of pink color on my lips. Very fair girl would find it suitable. Otherwise it is a big no no for medium to dusky skin tones.


revlon pure attraction lustrous lipstick


I have no complaint with the texture because this is as smooth as other shades of this range. It glides easily but the shade is too light and sheer in finish.

Staying power and smell – I didn’t find any specific or overpowering smell of this lipstick. It has a staying power of 2-3 hours but those shimmers start to travel before than that. It fades without living any tint as it is a very light frosty shade. But other shades like cherries in the snow stays on my lips almost forever.


revlon pure attraction swatch


What I like about Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 127 Pure Attraction :

  • Easily available
  • Packaging is very classy and attractive
  • Affordable as it comes from a brand like Revlon
  • Bullet is hard enough to survive in summers. It does not melt.
  • Glides easily on lips
  • Not over drying
  • Smooth texture

What I don’t like about Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 127 Pure Attraction :

  • Sheer finish
  • Very frosty light pink
  • Very poorly pigmented
  • Requires at least 4 swipes to show some color on lips
  • Shimmer particles are in much amounts and they travel around the lips
  • Staying power is also poor
  • Does not hide pigmented lips
  • Not suitable for medium to dusky skin tones. Very fair people may find it suitable
  • No list of ingredients are given


revlon pure attraction lipswatch


Overall verdict– this is not at all a worth buy for me. I have pigmented lips but it does not hide them. It gives a very sheer coverage and shimmers are very prominent and high in amount. It also washes out my face as it is a very pale pink in color. Dusky beauties don’t go for it as it would be a totally waste of money. Very fair skins may try it once. I would not buy it again.

Wise she rating– 2/ 5.

Have you tried Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 127 Pure Attraction ?

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    • Hi Zara. Especially this shade does not stay long. But I mentioned that shade from cream range like cherries in the snow last at least 7 hours on me. 🙂


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