Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Iced Mocha


Do you like a freebie? I know I do. I have this penchant for getting anything for free, and I have been accused of buying too many stuff just to get something free. I even told my best friend before her wedding to buy Colorbar cosmetics for her family because the Colorbar counter was giving away gifts over 1000/- and of course I had to grab the freebie. So when my aunt recently decided to get rid of some of her makeup, she looked at me for help, and who am I to disagree? I found a few dud products, and a few products which were so out of date that I would never use them, but then I came across a Revlon lipstick whose expiry was somewhere in 2013, and decided to take it.

After using the lipstick for the last few months or so I finally got the idea that well, this just might not be my lipstick, after all. However, this is actually a great color for the upcoming winter season, so let me go ahead and review it.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick + Iced Mocha

Company Speak about the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick:-

Super LustrousLipstick features exclusive LiquiSilk technology to pamper lips.With silk-drenched mega-moisturizers and vitamins.For Rich, smooth color, Soft-Shine and irresistible lips.No wonder it’s America’s #1 Lipstick. So why not try all 72 gorgeous shades?

Okay, so that established this is really popular in America. In India, I have found about 40 shades online as well as offline, and some of the colors are to die for.


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  • Price: 550/- (Revlon is supposed to raise the prices pretty soon, btw)
  • Quantity: 4.2 gm.

The Super Lustrous lipstick is one of the oldest ranges from Revlon, and I have seen my mother, sister, and countless others swear by it. The packaging is black and gold, with a transparent top which helps you identify the lipstick from your stash. I like the packaging, it is so old that I am totally reminded of my mum’s lipsticks, who, btw, was and is a fan of Revlon for  a long time now, but she has stopped buying lipsticks for herself ever since she discovered that her daughter was a total makeup freak. It is not quite travel-friendly, as I have cracked the lid after the lippy dropped from my hand.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Iced Mocha + Review

The texture of the lipstick is really creamy, and it is heavily pigmented. It has a pearl finish so yes, if you do not like pearl finishes, you would not like this color. The color of the lipstick is a cool shade of brown. However, pretty weirdly, the color shows up quite nicely on my lips and settles down after a bit. It is a good color which actually settles down on my lips. I will be tempted to call it close to oxblood on my lips, but not quite there, which is good news. The color has tiny micro-glitters which brings out the color a lot. The lipstick does not bleed much but the glitters settle on my lip lines after an hour or so, which is a problem with me. The smell is so familiar and old, that I actually quite like it. It is not strong, which is a blessing for most. However, the overall staying power of this color is about 4-5 hours easily, and the color is super-moisturizing, so I am not complaining there.

Revlon Super Lustrous + Iced Mocha + Swatch

Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick 315 in Iced Mocha Swatches:-

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I love a few colors too, but I don’t like pearly finishes much. However, I have to say, though I am not much of a brown person, this lipstick is actually not half bad if I make sure my outfit goes with it. That said, this is definitely not a very “day” color for me, and I prefer using it in the evenings or nights. However, since winter is coming, I hope I will be using this more. This, I feel, is a great color for dusky skinned beauties, as well as for an older, more sophisticated look.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks + Swatches

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Pros:Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick 315 in Iced Mocha:-

  • Creamy formula
  • Classic packaging
  • Staying power is good
  • Color will suit most beauties
  • Does not bleed much

Cons:Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick 315 in Iced Mocha:-

  • Glitters settle down on lip lines
  • Not too travel-friendly
  • Not all colors available all the time with SAs


Revlon Lipstick + Iced Mocha + Lip Swatch

Verdict: 3.5/5

I would say I want to check out more from this range to figure out if I like them or not. I would also say this color is a good answer to the current Oxblood craze for those who are not too daring.

Have you tried Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick 315 In Iced Mocha?

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  1. my brother from US is bringing few things for me…i checked it out on…its around 10$ …and icing in the cake is it is a pack of two…the other one is pearl… :yippee:


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