Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Paradise Pink Review & Swatches


Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Paradise Pink


Hello Dearies,

How are you all doing? Today I am bringing to you a shade from the Revlon super lustrous matte range. This is my first lipstick from this range although I had always wanted some cult shades but always found them OOS!! Anyhow, I got this lippy when I visited my hometown and that too in a hurry I don’t know why 🙂

Well I was on a self imposed lipstick ban because, of some reaction on my lips due to a lip balm and constant taunts from my colleagues for wearing lipstick every day and ruining the lips! Gradually when my lips healed that too due to a lip balm, I craved for lipstick so here is a lippy review for you!!


Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Paradise Pink


Price – Rs 550. I got for Rs 400/- as the SA there told I can get Rs. 150/- discount on it. I could not get at the local health and glow stores here. You can buy same on Amazon here.

Quantity: 4.2 grams


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Paradise Pink


My experience with Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Paradise Pink :

Packaging: The packaging is nothing new, same like other lipsticks of this range. The lipstick comes in a black case with a see through case. Overall average packaging and I am not complaining 🙂


Revlon Super Lustrous Paradise Pink


Color– The color and the shade name is actually quite deceiving. When I applied it at the store, the color looked soft pink with little peachiness, I instantly liked the color, the feel of the lipstick on my lips and purchased it but, when I used it for a day outing, the color looked very different i.e. medium deep pink with strong reddish undertones. I personally don’t wear deep colors but somehow I liked how the color looked on me. This color made my face glow even with blemishes and I am getting used to wear bold colors. I even apply this as a stain and wear to office. It looks different in different lights. Also I feel this shade will suit girls of all skin tones. The reddish undertone is what makes the color a really unique color. The color is brighter and deeper in person!


Revlon Super Lustrous Paradise Pink swatch


Texture – I will say it is soft matte. The lipstick glides nicely on the lips. It feels very comfortable on my lips. My lips don’t feel dry even after I have removed the color! I have used it without a lip balm underneath and it did not chap my lips at all. It also did not settle into fine lines but it transferred and bled a little. Overall a very lovely texture I must say 🙂

Stay – It stays roughly for 4 hours with full intensity. It fades patchily on my lips leaving a very slight tint. It survives sips of water, coffee, tea etc. The color fully goes from the inner corner of my lips after a meal and the remaining color stays around the lip which is very unsightly! So it is advisable to instantly touch up or not to wear this lipstick at all during long outings where chances of touching up are less 🙂


Revlon Super Lustrous Paradise Pink lipswatch


What I like about Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Paradise Pink :

  • Lovely color
  • Soft matte, doesn’t feel heavy on lips
  • Goes off easily with a makeup remover
  • Very affordable
  • Complete ingredients list
  • Non-cakey texture
  • Does not dry the lips at all even when used without a lip balm
  • Not scented

What I don’t like about Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Paradise Pink :

  • Color is not long stay being a matte
  • Color goes from the inner corner of the lips
  • Bleed and transfers a little
  • Availability

Do I recommend?

Yes, at this price, you will not get such soft matte lipstick with a really pretty color and decent staying power!

My rating: 4/5

Take care girls and happy Navratri to all 🙂

Have you tried Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick Paradise Pink ?

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  1. Hey Pragnya..i too had a minor lip reaction but that was not due to lipstick wearing for sure! Guess i was not taking proper care..but now after 3-4 days they are back to normal!

    Loved the review and the shade is so so pretty! :-*


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