Revlon Timeliner For Lips Plumwine Review & Swatches


Revlon Timeliner For Lips Plumwine


Hi Wise shers….summers are at their peak now a days but one good thing I that every evening here in our town there is a pleasant show of cool breeze, a couple of grey clouds and a brief drizzling of rain-drops. Believe me girls that sondhi-sondhi mahak of mitti feels so nostalgic- it really reminds me of my child hood days when we visit our ancestral village- those trees laden with mangoes, that charpayi under the cool shade of neem tree and that cold water of nahar- alas gone are the days and here we are amidst the hustle-bustle of machines, vehicles and crowd.

Anyways coming to today’s review. Yesterday I was reading sweet Ira’s review about Essence Lip Liner in Satin Mauve here it reminds me of two Revlon Lip liners that I have recently purchased. I love lip liners, I love more than my lippies because they are easy to use, simple, fast to apply and give me a matte look which I really need to balance my oily complexion 🙁 these beauties create the appearance of larger, fuller lips, while also giving our pout a well defined look.


Revlon Timeliner For Lips Plumwine


Lip liner can create a far more polished look, a well-known fact that makes it a staple in my vanity box. Lip liner is a great tool for defining your lips that will, at the same time, make your lipstick application look flawless and perfect. By using lip liner as a finishing touch on lips, one can accentuate an interesting Cupid’s bow or simply show off the beautiful overall shape of lips and even helps in keeping lippies at place. It is the finishing touch that contours my lips to perfection and allows the color to stay put throughout the day without budging, especially in the heat of the summers or when you’re lip liner helps my lip makeup stay in place and prevent it from spreading beyond the edges of lips.

How to apply? Line your lips starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to outer edges of your lips using small strokes, following the contour of your mouth. Follow the same technique for your bottom lip. To extend the wear of your favorite lipcolor or lipgloss, first fill in your lips completely with lip liner and then the lippy. Blend in the liner and lipstick together with a brush for a natural, “lived in” finish.

Price and Quantity: .04 Oz/1.1 grams for Rs. 235/-

Packaging: The lip liner pencil is golden in color with a golden cap. The end part of the pencil is of the same shade as the lip liner. These lip pencils are sharpen able, and hence more hygienic than retractable ones, they can easily be sharpened with a regular make-up pencil sharpener but owing to their soft and creamy texture I need to be extra careful otherwise it may lead to product wastage.


Revlon Timeliner Plumwine


Available in: 9 shades:

  • Orangine,
  • Lavendare,
  • Toast,
  • Plumwine,
  • Real Red,
  • Redwood,
  • Violet,
  • Multiberry,
  • Very Mauve.

My take on Revlon Timeliner For Lips Plumwine:

The lipliner is soft and creamy and glides like a dream on the lips. Although this liner is a bit drying but applying lip balm on the lips before applying it solves the issue. The colour is pinkish red and instantly brightens my complexion once applied.


Revlon Timeliner Plumwine swatch


The liner is in pencil form and has a cap that fits in lightly to protect the tip. I have purchased two shades of the liner and unfortunately I missed the cap of this shade somewhere which also means that I need to be extra careful while carrying it in my purse otherwise the cap will come out and the pencil may spoil my papers also.

Pigmentation wise these liners are a winner- just a swipe and I get the required colour on my lips. The colour neither feathers nor majorly accentuates the imperfections on my lips. I agree that these liners are drying but not very drying as like some liners from other brands.

The staying power of these lipliners are very good, they stay put for 4-5 hours easily and also put my lippies bleed-proof and intact, so all in all these are good lip liners.


Revlon Timeliner Plumwine Lipswatch


What I like about Revlon Timeliner For Lips Plumwine:

  • The shade, it instantly brightens my complexion.
  • Easy to apply i.e. it neither tugs nor pulls the lips.
  • Pencil form- hygienic and comfortable to use.
  • Not very drying.
  • Great staying power.
  • Keep lippies budge free and bleed proof for a decent period.
  • Not very expensive.

What I dont like about Revlon Timeliner For Lips Plumwine:

  • Not easily available.
  • The cap is loosely fitting so it is not a very travel friendly packaging.
  • Incomplete list of ingredients is missing.

Rating: 4/5

Shall I recommend it? Yes these lip liners are total value for money products, so if by any chance you come across these liners get a one without any second thought.

Have you tried Revlon Timeliner For Lips Plumwine?

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  1. are really sweet.! See yesterday only I was thinking of your lip liner reviews and today you did it.!
    The shade looks amazing and your lips really look fuller with this lip liner..! beautiful LOTD dear :-* :-*

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