Revlon touch and glow moisturizing powder (Product review)


                                                   Revlon pressed powder review
I came, I saw, I bought, I loved..:)

I am so loving Revlon products these days and truly enjoyed Revlon pressed powder make up.Though this was something which I was not interested in buying but when I got the foundation s thought of going with the pressed powder of Revlon as well.
I always like using the same company foundation and the compact.Most of the times it goes well.I did mention about this powder in my last product review of revlon colorstay foundation.
I tried this powder in Delhi when my skin was feeling much oilier than normal.This was because of the hot and humid climate of Delhi.I used this to counteract and hide the oiliness from my face and I am pleased to tell you that it is good in fact unbelievably good.
What the product claims-A moisturizing face powder that smoothens , silkiens, even out your skin tone.Use as a minimum make up or touching for a natural finish that lasts.Stays color true even on oily skin.
Key Ingredients-Talc, Fragrance, Titanium Dioxide

 Revlon touch and glow moisturizing powder cost- Rs 345

What I liked about the product:-
1.This powder gives high coverage if I use it with Revlon foundation.It gives me a fresh , flawless finish which last for around 7-8 hours easily on my skin.I got ivory Matte and even if I use it without the foundation it gives me an fresh , flawless complexion .
2.It blends well unlike many other powders.Like I mention that MAC foundation gives me a better coverage but if I use Revlon foundation and this compact then I have no complaints.It gives me full coverage.I though don’t like companies who give suggestion to use other products with the product which we are buying but  with this I myself would like to recommend Revlon to do that.Especially for those who have oily or combination oily skin.
3.The price of the product is super fantastic.
4.My skin who is prone to pimples every now and then doeskin  break out when I applied it continuously for days.In fact I have started keeping this in my purse so that I can use it as touch ups.
5.It has a pretty good packaging and the powder puff which it has is quiet smooth too.It has a big enough inbuilt mirror which helps in giving touch up when ever I am out.
6.Fragrance of the powder doesn’t irritates me but I will advise all the sensitive nose people to smell their powder before buying it.
7.I hardly needed any concealer after applying both the foundation and powder.What more can I ask for πŸ˜€
Dislikes-Frankly speaking I don’t have any complaints about this product.I have been using it since three months and found it truly worth.
Recommend it to others-I just love this powder and will recommend to all working woman who do not have the time to apply foundation but do want to give themselves a flawless look.Just use this powder and some blush and you will look nice and fresh atleast 4-5 hours easily.
Of course try to get the the right match then only it will be useful to you. I was about to get the wrong shade but at the last moment SA convinced me for this one.
Will I repurchase-Yes of course I will
and a big shout to Revlon for this product.I just loooove it.My look with this product here.

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  1. hey dearie, good post, i have heard lot of goodies about revlon touch and glow from my frnds, will be trying soon…nice post, you further confirmed my decision to buy it
    My recent post Sev Puri

  2. U know to tell u the truth I love it more than my MAC..Which powder is yur fav and how was weekend?
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  3. hey dearie, good post, i have heard lot of goodies about revlon touch and glow from my frnds, will be trying soon…nice post, you further confirmed my decision to buy it
    My recent post Sev Puri

  4. the maybelline clearglow works well too. I usually like the ones with some beneficial ingredient added in – tht one has vit c. πŸ˜› They should make makeup a treatment too you know. πŸ˜› I have heard so much about this product – been in the market for ages πŸ˜€


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