Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Under Eye Repair Cream Review


Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Under Eye Repair Cream


Hello Gorgeous ladies,

I am really in a happy and content space of my life right now. I have a loving husband and really affectionate in laws and the freedom to live my life as I want it to live. You know something I don’t long for the free spirit my unmarried girlfriends are able to enjoy while working in metro cities far away from their home. I actually cherish for the present state of my life living with my in laws while husband stays away in the seas! Also, because I found a new love in Wiseshe since last september and my life has totally changed after it! I have my old friends intact but I also think about Anamika’s message in my mail box, think about what unique DIY Ruhee must be coming up with, including Rashmi’s stunning lip swatches from some High end brands and not to forget about Maitri’s back to back “Hat-ke” posts!!

I can literally recognize Madhubani’s & Ritika’s pout out of hundreds of lip swatch pictures!! on that! 🙂

Every morning as I wake up, I have a regular reader from the Wiseshe Food & Travel Blog i.e. Himani! I feel a smile on my face! This is all going so well! I hope it continues to be a great bond for all of us! I hope you all didn’t go to sleep reading all my “emotional atyaachar!” :-p

Coming back to the review, Yes I am here for that only!! 😉

I will be reviewing an under eye repair cream from Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness range of products. Read on to know how well I liked this product!


revlon under eye cream review

About Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Under Eye Repair Cream-

The skin around the eyes is very delicate. Exposure to harmful sun rays, stress and other life style factors accelerates the aging of under eyes, resulting in dark circles, puffiness and discoloration. It works as under-

  • Fades away dark circles & spots
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Moisturizes & brightens the eye area


under eye cream

Price– INR 165 for 15g.You may get it from flipkart here.

Shelf Life-3 years from date of mfg.




key ingredients

Directions To Use– Apply on the under eye area over cleansed face. Avoid contact with the eye.


The product comes in a sleek tube which is white & opaque with pink imprints of the product details on it. The tube has a screw cap and a long slender nozzle opening for squeezing out the cream. The packaging is average and usual tube packaging but yes it is hygienic than those tub packaging I have earlier used where you need to put you fingers to dab a little eye cream.



Product Color & Texture-

The cream is white in color and has a combine gel& cream based consistency. It means you won’t feel its sticking under your eyes and within ten seconds of application, it tends to get absorbed by the skin. I like the non-sticky texture of this under eye cream. You don’t feel you have applied anything under your eyes!


The cream is mild fragrant and doesn’t smells irritating at all. It resembles the fragrance of a medicated sunblock lotion I used a while back. Sensitive noses need to relax as the smell is not at all over-powering.

My Experience with Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Under Eye Repair Cream-

Well, I have been using this tube from 2 months to be accurate (leaving 2-3 days of laziness) and I am pretty sure that it works to an extent. The product needed is very little so the tube actually lasts longer if applied daily once at night time. You will actually get to know in 2-3 uses that about how much quantity one needs to apply  under their eyes.

revlon advanced fairness under eye cream

The product visibly reduced my dark circles which had developed when I used to sleep very late at night and also get up early. There were times when I literally slept at 4 in the morning and got up at 8 or 9. I instantly spotted these rings around my eyes. I had a friend who sweared to this effective under eye cream so I didn’t do much of research and bought it home.

Well, I would not say it does any magic as it takes time (2 months)to show results. But if you wish to buy something for your under eyes and are on budget then you must try this under eye cream for sure.

This cream is non sticky and after applying it tends to get absorbed by the skin and doesn’t feel like you have applied anything on your eyes.


eye cream texture

Overall, this is an average performing under eye cream from Revlon and because I had a slight episode of dark circles which is also not genetic, this worked perfectly for me! Let me inform you that I still sleep late at night and wake up  a little late in the morning (9 a.m) but I managed to fade away my dark circles to a great extent. Now that this cream is over, I need to hunt something else for my dark circles, in case I develop any further.

What I like about Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Under Eye Repair Cream:

  • Under Budget product
  • Mild Fragrance
  • Effective but time taking
  • Non-sticky consistency
  • Tube packaging
  • Non-messy
  • Travel Friendly

What I don’t like about Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Under Eye Repair Cream:

  • Time taking to show results

Product Rating– 3.5/5

Will I recommend?-

Yes, I would recommend it to those beauties who want to fade away light dark circles and who don’t want to splurge too much on under eye creams!

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  1. Ye ye Ira U mentioned me.. 🙂 Thanks darling.. Its so much fun to read ur posts.. 😀
    And I agree with ur state of mind 😉 Even I don’t miss ‘d free spirit n no responsibility phase’ in a far away land with having left behind my family, my job, my friends all for one person – my husband.. 🙂 Anamika, this work and everybody else here do help in feeling content in life 😉
    Seems like a good product.. wil love to give it a try.. Well reviewed Ira 🙂

    • Thnaks Himani 🙂 it was an average product which I tried for the first time as I don’t have dark circles always! Yeah you just got what I was implying to say about all of you guys! :-*

    • It is an average pick Maits..may be you can try other brands for more effective treatment!
      If I am sweet then you are soooo sweet Maits :-*

  2. OMG look who is back? Perhaps the sweetest girl from our Wise She gang. Iru it is always a pleasure to read your posts babes. As I’ve mentioned earlier that may be I cant post a comment there but I regularly check Travel blog to read your posts hun, by that way i never feel out of touch from a dear friend like you.
    Coming back to review, as Himani said you’ve reviewed the product well. The product sounds an average one, but since you’ve reviewd it Iam still liking it,,, see my love for you :-*

  3. OMG Ruhee you are really sweet to all this! I know babes..we are like those friends who are always updated about each other although we don’t get to talk daily but when we talk its Epicc!! :-p 😉
    Yeah I know my love for you dear 🙂 This is an average performing product! might give a try!

  4. awww Ira….such a sweet post it is..

    By the way! wait till u have babies u will miss every damn thing which u did before marriage and after marriage ..:P


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