How To Use Revlon Touch & Glow Foundation & Revlon Touch and Glow Pressed Powder


By Charu,

I am getting married and  I  have  bought Revlon Touch And  Glow foundation alongwith Revlon Ivory Matt Face powder.plz guide me how to use these. I am m very fair complexioned.
Revlon Ivory Matt Face Powder Review


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  1. To make the touch and glow foundation work for you just mix it with moisturiser or a you are going to get married and will be attending some night functions too you can ad revlon illuminator too in it ..that will give a shimmery effect to your skin.

  2. Best wishes to you Charu from me too….wish your dreams come true 😀
    about your ques, sorry i don’t know the answer as i never tried touch and glow makeup but u could read the wiseshe reviews.. 😀

  3. Applying foundation is pretty simple once you have the right tools.You could use a sponge or a foundation brush.Moisturize your face first to make sure your skin is supple.If you are using a sponge wet it first and squeeze out extra moisture dot foundation all over your face and then blend it using the sponge making sure you blend in the direction of hair.If you are using the brush you need not wet it simple take a little foundation on the back of your hand then dip brush in it and apply again in the direction of hair.Blending is the key here to avoid streaking.And you need not apply foundation all over your face.You can spot apply it on problem areas to keep your face less made up.Wait for the foundation to sink in and then dab on pressed or loose powder.Make sure you dust off extra powder.And that’s it.If you still have doubts check youtube for videos.That’s what I do when I have a makeup query.


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