Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial


By Prerana,

Hello Wise She’s…how are you all doing today?
I’m in leave from Delhi and enjoying holidays in my sasural ( home town, West Bengal).
It is so nice na, when we get few days break from our routine life and get time to relax!
And when I relax, I like to play with nail colors , and this is the nail art I’m going to share with you today..

Rhine stone nail art tutorial

Step 1. -Apply a transparent base coat to your nails. This will help other colors to hold strongly.

Nail Art Pictures

Step 2.-In the thumb, apply metallic light green color diagonally from one corner to opposite corner.

Indian Nail Art Pictures

Step 3-Now sweep the brush from middle of the nail to opposite tip of the nail as shown below..


Pitures Of Nail Art +Nail Art Designs

Step 4-Now in the same manner color all other nails.

I applied baby pink color to first finger, yellow to middle finger, sky blue to ring finger and maroon to small finger respectively..


Types of Nail Art

Step 5.Now it is time to stick stones on the nail . For this I have used normal stone bindi.

For each nail color I have used complementing colored stone.


Pic of nail art

And here is the final result :-

Nail Art decoration

How was it girls???

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  1. Prerana awesome :clap: :clap: Will look very nice for occasions 😀
    Won’t these stones fall of ?:-) I mean it would last only for a few hrs na..

    • 😀 this is my ‘daye hath ka khel’
      well the stones are of very light weight and as our bindi don’t fall off from our forehead on its own, this too won’t fall 😉 but if u use the same stone for many times – chipkao, uthao, chipkao,uthao…then it may fall off any time 😛

      for strong fixation of stones use fevicol… :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  2. Oh these stone bindis fall from my forehead on its own :(( Only the ordinary sticker ones stick on 😛 And fevicol on nails 😯 i know you secretly plotting against me :smug:

  3. i use bindis as nail art too. anyoneknow how to reuse hair stickers,i wan’t to use them to death but no clue hw. ?:-)

  4. Woooo…so pweeety…i like the idea of 5 colours on a hand….mm…i tried alternate fingrs with same colour…hehe…fun na trying out what ever comes to your mind..


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