Right bath and towels for your baby


By Gunjan,

Hey all you lovely mothers,
How is your baby today?I hope he/she is doing great and are in best of their health.
As parents we are always so keen to give best to ou baby.For me my baby health is top most priority .But some time we do get confused and pick up things which aren’t even aware off.As most of you must be knowing that we should always keep a baby towel at our side so that the baby’s body heat should not get lost after bath.

Hooded towel for you baby

Nowadays we have many options such as Hooded towels and baby wappers.So with these towels loss from baby’s head can be prevented by hoods or heads.If you keep you baby while you wok then baby wapper is the best option.It wraps the baby completely and he/she can easily relax on your chest.

Baby Wrappers

The towel should be of baby size and must suit the sensitivity of the baby.Also when it comes to bathing there are few other things to which I would like to share with you.If your child has sensitive skin or eczema then keep a seperate and a special soap which suits the baby skin.
The most important tip when you give bath to your child is that you should not rub the baby with a towel instead pat dry .Let your baby dry itself in towel befoe you change his/her clothes.

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