The right diet ?


I was really a fat girl and it really made me depressed.I never enjoyed going out in parties because I always felt embaressed in front of slim girls.When I decided to lose weight it made me leave many of my favourite thing.Actually most of us are  confused about what to eat and what not to eat when it comes to weight loss.I completely left paratha, cheese, butter, rice and poha, sweets, vermicille, creams, yogurt and even milk too .I even  read that one should not eat too many rotis/chapati.
So basically conclusion was ,  too lose weight  one should only live on fruits and vegetables and in that also no potatoes, no bananas and list goes on.
My view point changed after reading Kareena Kapoor dietician book also after going through some good internet sites .I am glad I adopted these points. Recently I came across this internet video which I found really helpfull and I thought of sharing it with you friends.I think the video is quite true and informative though it recommends rice and I think it is brown rice which they are talking about .You can judge by your self.
Here is the link.
Do let me know about your views if possible:)
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