Right method and steps to remove eye makeup

One should always be cautious when removing eye makeup as the skin around this area is quiet delicate. Wrong or improper removing of eye makeup can cause blackening of the skin around the eyes as well as formation of wrinkles.

Below tips can be of your help while removing eye make up:-

Step1-Take two cotton balls and apply any eye makeup remover on both of them. You can use olive oil or Vaseline as there are equally effective.
Step2– Starting with one eye, close your  eyes and apply one of the cotton balls on your lid and lashes.
Step3– Let the remover sits on your eyes for a minute or two so that it goes deep within the layers of makeup.
Step4-After a minute gently swipe your eyes in the downward direction so that all make up us off.
Step5-In the end, remove the residual make up under your eyelashes.
Also, do not use soap to remove your eye makeup as it doesn’t cleanse your skin thoroughly. Do not use same cotton balls to remove your eye make as it can transmit one eye infection into another. Always be choosy while removing your eye make .Baby oil, olive and Vaseline are few of the cheapest and secure option to remove eye makeup.


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  1. Thankkkkkk you so much Gunjan for liking all the post..Ofcourse credit goes to many people who has helped in developing wiseshe which includes you Harsha too:)

  2. i always struggle when removing my eyelinear and mascara and specially when i am out because if it is not cleaned properly at night, my eyes look very dull and black the next day ..these tips are great 🙂


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