Right way to remove face mask



Many face masks which contains oatmeal, fuller earth become difficult to remove.This is because they get hard and crusty when dried.

To remove these mask use lukewarm water, a clean thin towel or a cloth and little hand pressure to   remove the pack.
Dip the towel in the lukewarm water and squeeze out the excess water.Start rubbing the mask from the top of the forehead.It might take few minutes in removing the face pack completely with the help of the towel.You might need several wipes therefore use one corner of the towel and then wipe it from the other corner of the towel.If you use the same side then the mask it will spread up at all over the face and will be difficult to remove it.
By removing the mask from the all four corners your face will almost be cleaned.If still you find there is some amount of cleaning needed then you can soak the towel again in the lukewarm water and squeeze out the excess water .Repeat the process again.
There is also one more interesting thing which you can do to clean your mask.Whenever we make mask some amount of mask is always left .You can apply that mask on your face again.This will wet the mask a bit again and it will easier to remove it off easily.It will be easier for you to scrub it off with a wash cloth or a thin towel.
After the mask if remove wash your face with lukewarm water and then give your face cold rinse.This way all the skin pores will get closed.
Always be gentle with your skin as after using the facial mask our skin become more soft than what it is.

Do you know the right way to remove face mask?


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