Rihanna CFDA Inspired Smokey Eye Makeup


Rihanna CFDA Inspired Smokey Eye Makeup

Hello beautifuls,

You all must be aware of the recent show put up by the audacious Singer & performer Rihaana at an award event where she was present to collect the Fashion Icon Award. Well, it was totally Rihaana’s dare bare attitude which the world saw at the awards! The thing is that this gorgeous singer made a hyped entry in a dazzling dress which was sheer to the extent that it made her look somewhat semi-nude!

Rihaana makeup smokey eyes tutorial

The Fashion Police  might not have received her appearance very well but this damsel actually stole away the limelight! The expressive eyes and subtle makeup made her look even more contaminating. One thing is for sure that her poised appearance made made her look even more desirable. Rihaana managed to look entirely different from her past appearances. She chose to look sizzling in a sheer evening dress with a low back.The dress had all swarovski crystals embellished over the length. She carried a white fur along and completed the look with an equally embellished turban which was really a new trend she flaunted.Not  to mention the nude under dress she wore to balance out the already revealing outfit!!

Well, Rihaana did create a storm in the CFDA event and whole internet world was talking about her dress.There were few like me who focused on the makeup as well which I think was fabulous .One of my friend asked me to do it on Wise She and I was up for it.

I took the below picture as my inspiration for the makeup .With false eyelashes , cooled contact lenses and smokey makeup..It’s so me .Something which I love to.

Rihanna brown smokey makeup

Her skin was clear and glowing with a bronzer accentuating her cheekbones and she kept her lips nude which is kind of very unlike Rihaana .She is mostly in red and I love her in it.

I just did the eye makeup which  silvery smokey

Rihanna CFDA makeup smokey eyes

These are the step by step makeup tutorial :-

  • Step1 – Primed my eyes with UD primer
  • Step2 – Applied black eyeshadow shade name dark ash from Tarte Beauty  & The box . Thanks Zee..i just love it till now as well.
  • Step3 – Applied silver mist on the inner  half of my eyelid and blend it out with the black eyeshadow
  • Step3 – Used a copperish shade from Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Palette in the crease.Rihaana used this shade quite heavily I just toned downed it a bit.
  • Step4 – Used silver and black eyeshadow in the lower lashline
  • Step5 – Applied gel eyeliner on the water line
  • Step6 – Applied false eyelashes and lots of mascara

Rihanna smokey eyes brown CFDA

Smokey eyes tutorial rihaana makeup india

rihanna inspired makeup tutorial

Product used:-

Rihanna makeup products

I hope you liked my version of the makeup flaunted by Rihaana!



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  1. @Tarun – thankoooo ..i keep talking all the time and it shows in my eyes too …u know it well 😀

    @Madhubani – I am insane ..:P

    @ Neetu – Thanks ..been waiting to do it since long 🙂

    • @shivangi – thanks
      @ritika – thank u dear.

      @Preethi – thanks girl
      @Ruhee — u r always kind in your compliment 🙂

      @Maits- i am fan of gunmetal eyeshadow too

  2. ever since i saw the pic on WA i wanted to see the look you would come up with 🙂 very curious honestly 😀 beautifully done ana and those lashes add more drama to the eyes 🙂

  3. woooh your eyes alone are enough to give heart attack to millions….and gorgeous would be an understatement….very very beautifully done!! 🙂

  4. Tod fod Anamika 🙂 Such smoldering look n u have made it look so easy..
    These posts r awesome reminders of what a brilliant MUA u are, n nt just a beauty blogger 😉 Luv ur eyes..

  5. @princa, @sahiba , @rashmi – thanks
    @chandni – thanks
    @Neha — *blush blush”
    @Sravanthi – thank u

    @Himani – i m not a blogger at all Himani …i am more of an makeup loving entrepreneur 🙂

  6. I just can’t find words to describe it.. Your eye makeup looks absolutely identical to Rihanna’s.. Love it! 😁


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