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Post By Upasana,

Hi all !! I’m again back with Rihanna’s Look for today’s tutorial. I saw this picture of her and saw the eye look she was supporting. It was not dramatic , bold or daring as she’s the Diva and carries herself very well with those bold and sometimes kind of weird looks. Instead it was a very pretty , simple and gorgeous look. Following is the picture :-

Rihanna Inspired makeup tutorial

The eye was kept pretty neat and not too dark, I just loved the elegant purple shadow she is wearing with a slight shimmer to it and sleek eyeliner. She has a bit of bronze looking highlighter on her brow bone and the eyebrows have been kept brown. So let’s try this simple look 🙂

Step 1: Apply a silver eye pencil:-

First of all I prep.my eyes for this look using a silver colored eye pencil ( just apply it for the base, don’t overload your eyelid) . Blend that pencil over your eyelid starting from the inner corner of the eye upto the end’s of your eyes , making a soft V.

Rihanna simple eye makeup tutorial


Step 2: Apply Mauve colored eyeshadow:-

After that I pat onto the lid a soft purple-mauve color over it and with light hands I blended it with the crease  ( the color I used is hard to explain for me ) . If you want to add depth on your crease , use a slight dark purple shade ( not an electric one) and using a crease brush make outer V and smudge them.

eyemakeup tips+rihanna eye makeup


Step 3: Apply Bronze/Gold Highlighter:-

Finish the look by applying a highlighter of bronze/gold color over your brow bone. Note, using these highlighter can make you look beautiful or even dark than expected, so as always try to pick small amount first and then if needed you can always pick more. Rihanna’s face is quite bronzed to give her a beautiful sun-kissed look. Line your eyes with a black gel liner to get most favorable thin and super long-lasting line. Rihanna’s eyes have a slight wing towards the end but I skipped it. Fill in your water line with the same gel eyeliner. Top up your lashes with lots of mascara and use false eyelashes if needed.

How to apply eyeshadow+celebrity eye makeup tutorial


This is the final look which is very easy to accomplish. The pictures didn’t come out as expected but I hope you’d get the clue to this look 😉

Look Book - Rihaana inspired eyemakeup tutorial

Following is my version of Rihanna’s Inspired look, ofcourse I am no where near to her.

Rihana inspired eye makeup +eye makeup tutorial

Do try out on yourself, this is a very simple look and needs no blending techniques or lots of products. Thanks for reading the whole tutorial.

 Product Used :-

Rihaana eye makeup product used

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  1. Wow! Upasana ur a pro at this…the end luk is so identical to Rihannas luk…fab!! :inlove: :inlove:

    btw, which mascara did u use? the lashes hav been done perfectly!!

  2. Hello Zara 🙂 how are you??
    i got
    Angels on bare skin cleanser
    Jungle Solid conditioner
    Karma Komba Bar shampoo
    Seanik Shampoo Bar
    Breath of fresh air toner
    Glorious Mud
    Turkish Delight bath smoothie
    Sultana of soap

  3. @ Zara sure will let you know
    @ Anamika hehe i was tempted to everything lol!!! never done a haul i am a dud 😛 you will ve to help me :-/


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