Rihanna Inspired Sultry Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial


Hi beauties  🙂

Hahah yes you’re right I’m back with another Rihanna Inspired tutorial 😛 sorry if “Rihanna” sounds repetitive & boring, but when I saw this picture of hers I wanted to do a recreation for it so badly so that I can share it with you all !

Following is the inspirational pic

Rihana smokey grey eye makaeup tutorial Eye Makuep tutorial

Her eyes have been drawn out perfectly, and it’s a perfect blend of silver metallic grey and black. She’s wearing striking colors, but even then she looks feminine  😉 she’s wearing a nude orangish lip gloss and the face has been bronzed !

So let’s start with the tutorial 🙂

  • Step1:– Apply eye shadow base:-

I started by applying concealer and blended itall over the lid. Then I used a silver eye pencil, rubbed it on the tip of my finger and started blending it on my eyelid right from the inner corner. This way you don’t get harsh streaky lines of such pencils. The reason for using silver pencil is to create a sticky base for the “silver” eye shadow to come out beautifully.

Rihaana inspired makeup tutorial smokey grey

  • Step2:– Apply Eyeshadow (silver & black):-

Then using a flat shading brush, pat some silver eye shadow (we need an eye shadow with metallic finish, try any silver shade you have, MAC electra can also be used) covering all the area where we applied silver pencil. Once you’re done with applying, gently blend that eye shadow (don’t rub it) and feather it out a bit. Now using the same brush,  pat some black eye shadow  on the outer edge of the eye and bringing the color inwards and joining with the silver eye shadow. Now using a crease brush gently blend out the edges, and pat some black eye shadow  (preferably MAC Carbon) onto your lower lid and smooth out with a blending brush.

Rihaana inspired smokey grey eye makeup tutorial

Finally curl your lashes, use lots of mascara, and line your eyes with thin and defined strokes.

Rihaana inspired sultry eye makeup tutorial SMOKEY EYES GREY RIHAANA

Rihanna’s definitely wearing False lashes on the outer edges, if you can try then you can even use single lashes on the outer edges to get the look 🙂

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Thanks for reading the tutorial 🙂

Godbless !



  1. I knew it would be yours even before i read who it was from..Loved loved loved this look… :inlove:

    and just how many colored lenses do you have girl?

  2. I knew it was Switty’s entry the min i read Rihanna! 🙂 🙂 Love lovely luk babes..somehow u always make theselooks seem so very easy and kinda do-able for novices..very very impressive! :-* :-*

  3. You’re looking gorgeous babes!…you blend like a pro!! :yes:

    .I think India(the lenses) looks awesome on you…its the perfect muddy greenish-brown!

  4. Woweeee… my eyes popped out looking at your eyes!! :chic: :beauty: Beeeooooottiiifulll!!! How do you manage these looks… you make them seem so simple!! Everytime i apply kajal on my waterline it starts bleeding and if i so much as even try applying it on my lowerlids (just below waterline like how you have here) I look like a racoon :weep: :wilt:
    Tell me the secret of your sexy eyes!!!
    Good morning beauties

  5. Superb tutorial……u make all things so simple and superb…!!!!!! luv ju…!!!!! :-* :clap-n-jump: :lipstic :dance: :tap-dance: :lipstick: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: :clap-n-jump: k:


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