Rihanna’s Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial (Who’s That Girl)


Hi beauties 🙂

I’m back with another celebrity inspired tutorial, i.e Rihanna’s Who’s that girl Ft.David Guetta music video. The reason I chose to do it was, that I wanted to use yellow e/s (you can check recent sunset inspired tutorial done here), also Rihanna looks so cool and funky in the video, with her dramatic cut crease, bubble gum colored lips and very high pink blush !! 😀 she looks super cool 😛 following is the inspiration pic that I made into collage covering 2 different images so that you can get an idea of the Cut crease :-

Rihana eye makeup tutorial+cat eye makeup

Step 1 :- Prep and prime Eyelids :-

I started on with clean lids, and placed a small drop of concealer (you can use a white e/s base or a pencil for better adherence). Since I wanted to focus the yellow eye shadow  mainly only on the lid, therefore I didn’t blended the concealer, just patted it over the lid without blending it, (this will serve as a guideline for you to apply yellow eye shadow  over it) like this :-

how to do smokey eye makeup

  • Step 2 :- Apply Yellow Eyeshadow :-

Using a flat eyeshadow brush, I started pushing the yellow e/s all over the lid (where the concealer has been placed. I layered a lot of this e/s to make an intense yellow color. After layering, I pushed some of the eye shadow  on the inner corner (like an inner “>” ), whatever was left on the brush I brushed it on the lower lash line from the inner corner up to half lid.

rihanna eye makeup

  • Step 3 :- Draw a Thick Line on crease :-

Then using a flat angular stiff brush, I drew a line (almost straight line) on the crease, starting from the outer corner and bringing it in with a brown e/s. Again I layered this line with the same e/s, making it dense and visible on outer corner and letting it fade in the inner corner. If you don’t have a brown e/s then you can also use a black e/s, although rihanna is having a brown cut crease. The key to this cut crease is drawing a clear and noticeable line, with no blending. You can still smudge the brown over the crease if you think its too harsh. Note, there’s no brown on the very outer corner, its just left vague.

how to apply eye make up

  • Step 4 :- Highlight, Line eyes, apply Mascara :-

Then I used a peachy e/s I highlighted the brow bone, the highlighter has to be visible. Then using a thin eyeliner brush, I lined my eyes (you can check out the tutorial for applying various styles of eyeliner here), filled in the waterline, and finished up with lots of mascara. 🙂

This is the final look :-

rihanna eye makeup+apply smokey eye makeup

Products used  for Rihanna’s Eye Makeup 


Hope you guys like it, drop in your requests for any celebrity inspired tutorial in the comments below !! 😀 We’d surely get inspired and bring in the best  🙂

Godbless ! :-*

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  2. some one is a big fan of rihanna. before open the post I knew it , it’s you upsi. beautiful. if you have white eye liner pencil use that as a base. yellow will trun out more vibrant then.

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    you are looking absolutely gorgeous Upasana … :-* :-* :-* :-* and seriously you do full justice to celebrity inspired looks :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:


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