Rimmel Color Showoff Lipstick in Pink Excess Review & Swatches



Rimmel Color Showoff Lipstick in Pink Excess

I was browsing Nykaa earlier this month simply planning to replenish my stick of face wash, scrub and shampoo when I happened to chance upon this range of lippies from Rimmel. I had tried some of their lipsticks from a diff range before but what attracted me to these was the shiny packaging 😉 I picked Pink Exceas just because it looked to be the perfect daily wear shade…let’s see how it faired shall we?
Rimmel Color Showoff Lipstick Pink Excess
Price: INR415 for 4gms
Rimmel Pink Excess Color Showoff Lipstick
Packaging: Come in a snazzy metallic pink tube with the shade card on the base and the Rimmel logo on the slanted lid.
Color: Pink Excess is an out and out pink shade with a mild blue undertone. It does have some shimmer but not too much as to look frosty or blingy. Id say it’s just right.
Texture: It is not creamy like the other Rimmel lippies but is quite thin and easy to slick on. I found the texture a tiny bit gritty but not overly so..just takes some getting used to.
Rimmel Color Showoff Pink Excess
Coverage: This shade has medium coverage at best.. No matter how many times you swipe it over your lips, it will not provide full coverage. So you have any major pigmentation on your lips you’d like to conceal, this is not for you.
Staying Power: Here is my main prob with this shade. 30 minutes into wearing it starts feathering unevenly and gradually fades in about 1.5hrs. It didnt even survive a snack!
Rimmel Color Showoff Pink Excess swatch

My experience with Rimmel Color Showoff Lipstick in Pink Excess

When I first saw this shade and tried it out I loved it and thought I had found the perfect MLBB shade. I wore it to drop my daughter to school and while I was at the washroom there I noticed some feathering. I shrugged it off, reapplied it and went off for lunch after which I came back to find that the shade had sort of faded leaving patchy splotches of color here and there.
Rimmel Color Showoff Pink Excess lipswatch
I have no issues with reapplying lipsticks repeatedly. Infact I kinda like it coz it helps me finish them off; but this feathering unevenly and leaving splotches of color is really unflattering as well as irritating. I am definitely not planning to pick anymore shades from this range.
Rimmel Color Showoff Pink Excess FOTD

What I like about Rimmel Color Showoff Lipstick in Pink Excess

1. A gorgeous pink shade without a shimmer overdose.
2. Formula is amazing and slicks on as if it were second skin
3. Doesnot bleed
4. Super sexy packaging.

What I don’t like about Rimmel Color Showoff Lipstick in Pink Excess:

1. Feathers after about 30mins of wear
2. Settles into my lip lines
3. Staying power is sad
4. Fades unevenly.
Rating: 2/5
Final Verdict: While I genuinely love the shade, the fact that it settles into my lip lines and feathers makes it a no go for me. The uneven fading is another huge negative as per me.. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone sadly.

Have you tried Rimmel Color Showoff Lipstick in Pink Excess?

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  1. wat pretty color.. and wat prett swatches,, and of course the FOTd is the prettiest 🙂

    I wish the lippy was equally good as its shade


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