Rimmel Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lick My Lips Lipgloss :Review,Swatches


Rimmel Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lipgloss in Lick My Lips

Hi All,

I’ve always been a gloss fan, even in college. But I used to discard most of them because of the sticky and icky texture they had. Then there was a long lull of about 2yrs when I didn’t buy even 1 gloss. Yes girls, not even 1 gloss…i was so fed up with the stickiness and the lip allergies which followed.

Then on a trip to my usual beauty supply store, I came across these glosses. I’d never heard of Rimmel before and on inquiry found out that this is a US brand and this particular range was the first of its kind and known simply because of its non-sticky formula. That was all I needed to hear and I picked 3-4 of these and walked out. I admit after that we’ve seen the growth of lots many glosses from other brands with the same non-sticky texture, but this is where it started….

Rimmel Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lipgloss in Lick My Lips review

About Rimmel Vinyl Stars Lipgloss

Vinyl Gloss now has a great shine magnifying formula for beautiful juicy looking lips that are bursting with color. Its technology features a boosted magnifying Vinyl Shine Complex for a perfectly sculpted pout that is up to 80% shinier!

The lightweight non-sticky, perfectly pampering formula glides onto your lips for a perfect mirror-finish pout. Ultimate glossy glamor.

The formula also boasts incredible light refraction and high color retention. It’s the ultimate in glossy glamor with lips up to 40% curvier.

  • Price: 5.99 pounds (I don’t recall how much I paid for these here)
  • Quantity:  6ml

My experience with Rimmel Vinyl Stars Gloss in Lick My Lips:

  • Packaging: This gloss comes in a round tube with a doe foot applicator. These tubes are sturdy and travel friendly as well. The bad part is that the packaging is kinda cheap. For starters, the silver lettering fades very quickly. One of my glosses doesn’t even have any writing left on it. Another negative point is that the shade name isn’t written on the tube anywhere. The only way to identify the shade is the label. If the label is removed, you will never know the shade you’re using.
Lick My Lips lipgloss Rimmerl  review+Rimmel pink lip gloss reviews
  • Color: This shade is a lovely plum pink shade with tiny blue and pink shimmers. The shimmers are not OTT and are extremely tiny and hardly noticeable when worn on the lips.
  • Texture: The gloss is very thin and light and as expected 0% sticky in texture. 🙂 Yeyyyy!! It doesn’t settle into the lips either but  then again its not creamy hence no chance of that happening.

Lick My Lips rimmel reviews

  • Pigmentation & Coverage: This lipgloss is extremely glossy. I know, I know glosses are meant to be glossy but the shine factor in this one is amazing. The tiny shimmers are hardly visible and yet do their job beautifully. Its a sheer gloss hence coverage is very light.
  • Staying Power: The SA had mentioned that the USP of this gloss was its non-sticky texture. What she didn;t tell me was that the staying power was totally zilch. It wears off withing 45mins to an hour of application. As I’ve mentioned N number of times in the past Il ove reapplying glosses; but not every 45mins!!!!
Rimmel Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lipgloss in Lick My Lips

  • Availability: I haven;t seen these anywhere other than that store and even they don’t stock them regularly. In fact you would never see the same things twice 🙂 :)  I did see these once or twice on ebay but again not regularly.


Rimmel Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lipgloss in Lick My Lips swatches

What I liked about Rimmel Vinyl Stars Gloss in Lick My Lips: 


  • Not sticky at all.
  • The tiny shimmers are very fine and not OTT. These glosses can be worn to college as well.
  • Didn’t give me any allergies
  • Makes my lips luk pretty and pink.
Rimmel Vinyl Stars Mirror Shine Lipgloss on my lips

What I dislike about Rimmel Vinyl Stars Gloss in Lick My Lips: 


  • Hard to find.
  • Packaging looks a tad bit cheap.
  • Staying power sucks!



  • Overall – 3/5
  • Pigmentation: 3.5/5
  • Packaging: 2/5
  • Staying Power: 1.5/5 (.5 given extra for old times sake)
  • Applicator: 5/5
  • Availability: 2/5

I love the shade and the texture of these glosses but hate the packaging and the staying power..So its a 50-50 for me.

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  1. hellloooooo zara di :-))
    happy diwali :hugleft:
    thanks a lot for review di ,even i face lip allergies :pain: with glosses
    i wanna give it a try. plz let me know sites wher it ‘ll b available :-))

  2. hi poorni..i got this from the beautystore on mg road in clover center…in the basement…they sometimes stock on such products 🙂

  3. hi shivani…i havent seen these online so far but ill check it out..i picked these up from a store in pune..and this too was a one off thing since such priducts r not regularly available 🙁 bad na?

    • Hey Mits! Happy Diwaliii!!!! wotcha doin tday?

      We dont really get rimmel in pune…but its one of those one off times u see such hard-t-find items in stores…so i grabbed it! kya pata phir kabhi mile na mile! 😉

  4. Hiya Zara,
    Happy Diwali girl, bout the gloss, pretty colour but yeah staying power is a big con, I was unable to view the 4th and last pic in this post, thanx 4 sharing n hey I too love shopping at clover basement wala shop n also uparwala shop no.56, Betee …they have lovely collection of purses and clutches 🙂 also if possible check out their VOV collection of Lippies and glosses

  5. maine kuchh nehi kiya…………………… bas diye se ghar aur terrace sajayi………………….. actually maine tum sab se ek baat chhupayi……………………… papa ko kuch dino pehle mild stroke hua tha…………… is liye patake jalane ka man nehi hai….

  6. he is now ok…………………………………………. any type of pressure and tension is forbiiden by doc…………………. thank god that was a mild attack…..

  7. Zara Ur lips look sooooooooooooooooo pretty !!!
    nice colour
    you know I dont even own a single gloss !!
    as I too dont like sticky texture !!!
    loved loved loved that colour on ur lips !!!

    • thanx Mitha 🙂 how was Diwali celebrations?

      i used t hate glosses so much coz of that sticky texture….but eversince such non sticky ones have come onto the scene ive started luvin then 🙂 u shud try some brands ya…m sure ul find the texture u want :))

  8. Hey Diwali Went off without much celebration !!
    hope U had a great time !!
    this is ur frst diwali na after marriage !!!
    by the way please suggest me some nice lipgloss

    • yes..it was my first diwali and m having a blast…its always fun at sasuraal..me happy shappy 🙂

      how much not much celebration?

      well, u hav a chocolatey skin tone na? r ur lips pigmented ?

  9. my son was nt keeping well and me too !!!!
    so just made mysore pak seet . thats it !!!
    I am NC 42 in MAC
    yes my lips are pigmented and gets tanned very easily !!!

  10. Hey Zara why am i not able to comment on anu’s latest post five minute diwali eye make up 😥
    it says the comment closed ?:-)


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