Ripped jeans are back


Every woman must be having a pair of jeans in her ward robe. They are comfortable to wear, looks trendy and are a must have. You can wear it with a long kurti , a formal shirt and a t-shirt. You can make it look traditional, casual and formal too. The best part of denim jeans is it can be washed easily in washing machine and doesn’t require much maintenance.
Ripped jeans and torn denim trend are back in fashion .It gives a casual look and celebrities like Kareena ,Tulip joshi, Shilpa shetty have been seen wearing them. So it’s time to take out your old jeans and make them into a torn or ripped one.

Ripped style looks great with pencil jeans and can be made easily at home. You don’t have to be an expert or a designer to make it. Ripped jeans doesn’t mean you have to show skin but It depends upon one’s taste and preference too. Some prefer ripping it off from the thigh where as some prefer from knees or below it. Some people try to make ripped jeans by scissors which never gives the right look.

Below are the steps by which ripped jeans can be made.

1.Take a thick card board or a thick wood and insert inside the area where you want to rip the jeans.

2.Take a utility knife or a blade ad carefully slice the fabric horizontally. Make sure you do not cut through the inside portion of the fabric .Be creative in ripping it. You can rip from the lower half or on the knee area.

3. You can check out local store and styles to get an idea about how you want your jeans to look like.

4.After slicing it scrape the fiber of the ripped area by rubbing a sand paper or a pumic stone. Make sure u rub it lightly and don’t end up tearing the jeans.

5 With the help of a needle you can pull out the ends of the cut.

6. Wash the jeans so that it gives a natural look before you wear it.


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